War of 1812 in The United States

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The United states 1806 through 1812 struggled with many agreements with the british, though we avoid I, we, you, our, us- it is neutral and formal had been freed, there was still issues. One of the most known wars of the United States was War of 1812. The war was caused by the British restrictions towards the United States trade, getting in their way of expanding their desire to expand their territory. The United States left this period of history imprinted and proved that they could achieve the impossible, which was defeating Great Britain. Trading and transportation was were affected in making the united states lose money and businesses. France and Britain also were affected. The attacking of Americans from Britain’s, impressment of American soldiers, and the effects of the British laws lead up to the war of 1812 leaving the United States to fight back.

One of the causes of the war of 1812 was the amount of attacks and the continual harassment the Britain’s kept bringing to the Americans. Attacks by British savages on one of the united states extensive frontiers were also believed to be instigated by the British troops in Canada. The British and Indians practically teamed up against Americans and agreed they’d avoid contractions with history both be against the United States. William Harrison also then discovered that the British government were also paying off the Indians to attack Americans. They found this out by seeing the types of firearms they used while they were battling and saw that they were all imported from Britain. This explained the many invasions and attacks from Indians. New paragraph Another attack causing the 1812 war was with a British ship named, “Leopard” attacking the American Chesapeake ship because the captain of the ship was not allowing the British soldiers onto the ship to look for any deserters. Three American soldiers were killed during this incidence. This was a international incident and the United States was not dealing with it. After the Chesapeake incident occurred, the British in Canada put their potential hostilities to test. The British made the smart choice of insuring ensuring their friendship with the Indians to the Northwest. The United States saw this to be the renewal of the Indian warfare as the British had promised to back up the Indians. The situation gained considerable attention. The relationship between the United States and Britain became worse. The upcoming of the war took place in three main scenes, first one being war at sea. This suited the Warships more being able to trap both side of the merchant ships. The second sean was on land and the marines battles on the Canadian and American frontier. Then the last sean was on the Gulf coast. There was were many battles on American soil. The American forces had already known the Indians were against them then routed them away repulsing an imminent invasion by the British attacking New Orleans..

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The impressment of soldiers in 1812 was a the most known reason that caused the war of 1812. The British would capture American soldiers and force them to be apart of their army, forcing them to be against their own country. In the 1790’s impressment became one of the biggest issues that triggered the Americans. During this time period Britain lacked a large navy and were in need of more soldiers, especially seamen. The french revolution cut britains possession soldiers behind leaving them in need of more people for the upcoming war that they were preparing for. Between 1793 and 1812, Parliament increased the size of the Royal Navy from 135 to 584 ships and expanded personnel from 36,000 to 114,000 seamen. () New paragraph The impressment of American soldiers seemed to benefit the Britain’s British successfully. Since these Americans were already being held captive they could treat them however they wanted. They weren’t obligated to feed them, pay them, or even care for them, making this a source of saving and creating a bigger army the brightest way, Britain’s would continue to do this since they were creating a huge army of their own at no cost. They built their army for free?? Though they were doing great, this drew a necessary conflict with the United States government. As The United States of America being a country of freedom, this made America grow furious that their own were being held captive. This reflected the empathy towards the Declaration of Independence and went against a human rights law. New paragraph This was obviously wrong in the eyes of Americans. The United States opposition to impressment kept growing and well as Britain’s growing need for more out in the open sailors that were vulnerable. These sailors were not taught to fight which made it easier for Britain’s to capture them. They weren’t expecting to get captured and forced to battle their own country under threat. Since the American government confronted the British, they openly claimed that they had the right to take back the British deserters from them. The obvious characteristics of a British man such as language, culture, and appearance, failed to blend in with the American’s. Taking in highly consideration in 1792, Thomas Jefferson pointed out how this was going to be a disadvantage to the United States when it came down to fighting of the war, ‘The practice in Great Britain of impressing seamen whenever war is apprehended will fall more heavily on ours, than on those of any other foreign nation, on account of the sameness of language.’ not only was their goal to set these captured sailors free, it was also for the United States to take back what was theirs and not let their own men help their biggest enemy. This was a very difficult pill to swallow knowing some of the American men would then go to war and be on the wrong side. The United States would not allow this, they would officially go to war with them in 1812.

The British created laws that also tied with the cause of the war of 1812. The British blockade law that they specifically created for the United States. The law stopped all trade between the European and the United States borders. The British new what they were doing and knew this would economically ruin one of the best money hyphen making sources for the United States. The United States also were reaching to expand their territory and to expand their trading market, but instead this caused them to lose money instead. The Americans also produced specific goods for specific amount that was needed in Europe, but they weren’t even able to sell it, making this a huge loss of money. Britain’s knew this would get them behind money wise and would be an advantage to them losing money right before war..

In conclusion, the War of 1812 finally ended in 2 spell below 10 except for $ and % years after, 1814. The war had many losses on both sides making this one of the bloodiest wars in history. Though it was a grieving point in time for those who passed, the United States got the chance to prove that they made anything possible by taking down one of the strongest forces, that being, Great Britain. The 1812 war was much suitable for the Americans. The British forces finally got out of the way of the United States to continue trading with the French forces and the Indians who were in favor of the Britons were not a threat to the Americans anymore. The war of 1812 made the Americans feel safe again and brought the United States back up from many losses.

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