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Hillary Clinton delivered this address on 5th September 1995 at Beijing. China during the U. N 4th World Conference at a Women Plenary Session. The address is singular at acknowledging adult females rights as human rights ( American Rhetoric 1 ) . Clinton’s position and organic structure linguistic communication gives an feeling of resentment against the assorted inequalities subjected to adult females. Incidentally. Clinton graces the conference in a pink skirt suit to capture feminine subject. The subject of the address is publicity of adult females rights and acknowledgment of adult females as of import gender economically. politically and socially. The address highlights the assorted maltreatments and favoritisms that adult females face across the Earth. The tone of the address is profoundly sad. Clinton’s illustrations of assorted adult females rights maltreatments allow the audience to place with the issues. These maltreatments are inflicted on adult females merely because they are considered a lesser gender. Hillary emphasizes on the significance of instruction. good health care and employment to adult females. She employed assorted rhetorical techniques to present and powerful. convincing and persuasive statement on the significance of equality on adult females. The paper seeks to measure how Hillary employed rhetorical techniques including poignancy. ethos and Son to guarantee that the subject is delivered efficaciously.


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Hillary understands the significance of prosecuting emotions in presenting a strong statement. Clinton intends to develop a strong connexion with the audience. Notably. Hillary’s organic structure linguistic communication. facial look and strong belief of the bosom connect audience emotions. Pathos is the rhetorical technique that is often employed in Hillary’s address. She highlights the assorted barbarous state of affairss that females are subjected to globally. For case. she states that in some parts of the universe. being born a miss led to being drowned. starved or suffocated and at worse broken spinal column because misss are non valued in the society ( American Rhetoric 2 ) . She intends to pull sympathy and ardor to contend the frailty. Clinton’s connexion of selling misss to bondage of harlotry is made to stress the degree to which adult females rights are abused. She about drives the audience to cryings when she notes that put outing adult females in gasolene. firing them to decease because their size of dowery is little. demonstrates serious human rights misdemeanor. She besides sheds light on adult females non being given chance to do determinations on the size of their households ; hence. some are forced to abort while others are sterilized against the consent.

The audience is expected to take action against such maltreatments as the talker states it with a deep strong belief of the bosom. She claims this as a highest degree of ferociousness. Clinton employs pathos rhetorical technique to inculcate sympathy into audience Black Marias. She notes that the people doubting the significance of the conference should listen to voices of adult females at their places. vicinities every bit good as workplaces. Pathos rhetorical technique is employed to foreground the assorted countries of favoritism of adult females at all sectors of the society. A combination of poignancy and ethos increases the ardor for agitation for adult females rights. She emotionally states that adult females continually watch their kids succumb to malnutrition precipitated by poorness and economic want. It is true that many authoritiess and fiscal establishments rate adult females otherwise when analysing recognition worthiness.

Her averment that misss are denied the right for schooling by “own male parents and brothers” is emotionally upseting but factual. Her position during the address and facial looks give accent on issues. It is emotional that some adult females work wholly dark as nurses. hotel clerks or chefs to guarantee that they stay with their kids during the twenty-four hours. To go on. Clinton states emotionally that colza continues to be used as an instrument of armed struggle. Global refugees constitute adult females and kids. This is upseting given the conditions that are experienced in refugee cantonments. Women favoritism is demonstrated by the uninterrupted treatment of adult females rights separate from human rights. Furthermore. she states that venereal mutilation is a barbarous. degrading and painful pattern exercised on adult females.


Clinton’s address high spots assorted facts and per centums to heighten credibleness. Ethos is a rhetorical technique that recognizes that credibleness of a address requires extract of facts and per centums of assorted bing statistical grounds. A address that lacks facts is non converting. Therefore. Hillary creates mental images to the audience via saying assorted barbarous facts on adult females favoritism. She notes that adult females make up half of the planetary population. Additionally. she notes that about 70 per centum of the planetary hapless and over two tierces of planetary population unable to read or compose constitute adult females. This mental image seeks to bear down the audience to demand for chances for adult females to change by reversal the barbarous statistics. Clinton efficaciously employs poignancy and ethos when she notes that “It is a misdemeanor of human rights when the taking cause of decease worldwide among adult females aged 14 – 44 is the force they are subjected to in their ain places by their ain relatives” ( American Rhetoric 3 ) Clinton’s address is plausible when reliable facts are given. The audience is persuaded to go on listening when world is highlighted.

Access to recognition. legal and political engagement are dimensions adult females are discriminated against. She is good informed sing such issues. Additionally. the audience connects good with these facts. Clinton states that there are persons who doubt how economic and political advancement mater to misss and adult females. She farther emphasizes that conferences like this one compel authoritiess and planetary audience to pay attending. glimpse and face planetary challenges including the domestic force addressed in Nairobi in 1985. This is factual. The usage of ethos enhances the credibleness of the address and persuasion. Clinton highlights factual information on the parts of assorted adult females across the Earth. For case. Clinton states that Indonesian adult females meet on a regular basis at their small towns to discourse on “nutrition. household planning and babe care” ( Clinton 1 ) . On the other manus. she highlights the part of South African adult females in battle against apartheid.

Additionally. Denmark adult females express their comfort on strong belief that their kids are safe and cherished after school. All this information assists in linking Clinton to the planetary adult females audience. She demonstrates adult females thrive for economic prosperity adverting Indian adult females who take loans for purchasing milk cattles. jinrikisha or yarn. The significance of the connexion is to bespeak that availing recognition to adult females would advance increased success to households. Furthermore. the information further promotes the credibleness of the address. It is factual that although adult females are caretakers to most kids and aged. they are non valued. Clinton facial look on how historiographers. popular civilization and authorities leaders have ignored adult females is converting.

The gestures promote a sense of urgency to foment for acknowledgment and equality by modern society. Furthermore. she highlights the predicament of hapless wellness attention by saying that “Women besides are deceasing from diseases that should hold been prevented or treated” ( Clinton 2 ) . This is factual. Economic want and deficiency of instruction force some adult females into harlotry. For a long clip adult females are deprived of entree to recognition which implies poorness. It is factual that American adult females continue fighting on lower limit rewards raising kids. Furthermore. such adult females can non afford wellness attention. The legerity should be gender equality to guarantee equal wage and entree to recognition for such adult females. Clinton recognizes that adult females should be engaged in political determinations. In order to guarantee that their exposure is tackled. it is important to let adult females as electors and as campaigners for places.

In fact. America had celebrated the seventy-fifth day of remembrance of Women Suffrage. This implies that it had taken over 150 old ages for American adult females to win the right to do a political determination through vote ( American Rhetoric 3 ) . Clinton employs ethos and poignancy in foregrounding the battle about in cryings acknowledging the attempts of assorted work forces and adult females to guarantee that adult females are involved in political determinations. The emotional entreaty and the sense of finding expressed by organic structure linguistic communication about the triumph give the confidence that the battle for adult females rights is come-at-able.


Clinton’s address is persuasive and the talker delivers it in a sensible mode guaranting that the audience is related good to the issues. Logos are rhetorical techniques that allow a talker to recite moderately and persuasively in order to link with the audience by cultivating a corporate agitation. Logos are used to bespeak that the talker is good educated on issues the address seeks to turn to. Clinton develops logos by foregrounding that “We come together in Fieldss and mills. in small town markets and supermarkets. in life suites and board suites. ” This statement draws the attending of all adult females in assorted societal categories. She farther states the motion attracts adult females rinsing apparels by the river or playing with their kids. or even them taking a interruption at the office H2O ice chest. She states that all adult females come together to show their aspirations every bit good as their concerns. Logos are used to pull the attending of the planetary adult females population on necessity of adult females rights. Clinton explains to the audience the significance of adult females function in the society that if adult females are healthy and educated. their households would win.

Additionally. she farther provinces that if adult females are freed from force. given chance to work and remunerated every bit. their households would besides win. Clinton understands that adult females are discriminated both at their places and workplaces. She notes that the success of households translates to success of states. The usage of Son at this subdivision of address connects all adult females and work forces to understand that the success of state depends on chances and intervention of females. She notes that everyone is of import in society that is why “every adult female. every adult male. every kid. every household and every state on this planet does hold a interest in the treatments that take topographic point here” ( Clinton 2 ) . Clinton besides employs anaphora rhetorical technique to stress on assorted issues. For case. she repeats the phrase. “It is a misdemeanor of human rights” . The repeat of the phrase lays accent on the significance of controling the state of affairss and advancing observation of human rights.

She besides repeats the phrase “I have met” while showing how assorted adult females. households and female parents she has met globally. are contending for adult females rights in assorted ways. Her place as a first lady and assorted brushs mentioned service to custom-make the battle for adult females rights to the planetary audience. In decision. Clinton’s address is styled unambiguously. Initially. the writer thanks the organisers for invitation. The function of adult females and their social places is acknowledged. The address is categorical in puting the necessary temper. The background of adult females rights agitation is developed stylistically. Clinton is tactical in guaranting that the audience is developed to understand the inequalities adult females continually face. She demonstrates how barbarous the universe is to adult females.

The tactical purpose of the address is to bear down the primary audience every bit good as the planetary audience to acknowledge the topographic point of adult females in the society. The mix between Pathos and ethos gives genuineness of elements of adult females rights maltreatment. The self-asserting position and accent of assorted issues gives the feeling that pressing action is necessary. This address efficaciously creates an agitation mentality on all adult females. The address concentrates on emotional entreaties to obtain entire support by all audience. Clinton’s organic structure linguistic communication provides the necessary averment on the audience. Her place gives the address a higher genuineness compared to if another person delivered the same address. Notably. the simpleness of illustrations given facilitates effectual connexion to the audience. Finally. the address is effectual in making agitation temper and self-asserting finding to all adult females towards demanding for equality.

Plants CitedAmerican Rhetoric. Hillary Rodham Clinton. Remarks to the U. N the World Conference on Women Plenary Session. ( Online ) 2014. Accessed 6th March 2014 from hypertext transfer protocol: //www. americanrhetoric. com/speeches/hillaryclintonbeijingspeech. htm Clinton. H. . Hillary Clinton Women’s Rights are Human Rights ( Online ) hypertext transfer protocol: //www. youtube. com/watch? v=UkarsUszRfg

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