Analysis Bill Clinton Speech

Bill Clinton began by silencing the huge crowd which applauded him shouting his name in unison (NYT, 2008). He settled on expressing his interest to support Senator Barrack Obama who won the Democrats primary narrowly against Hillary Clinton in a hard fought contest. In his introductory statement, Bill Clinton also drummed up support for the man Senator Barrack Obama chose to be his running mate, by applauding him as the American chosen vice president. The speech came at a time when the Democrats Party was being faced by imminent break up between the Hillary camp and the Obama camp ahead of the November 2008 general election.  Many analysts predicted that the Clinton family was not comfortable with Joe Biden as the running mate and therefore expressing reservation on supporting Senator Barrack Obama. With a light touch, the humorous Bill Clinton said that the campaign generated so much heat that it increased global warming. He described both Senator Barrack Obama and Hilary Clinton as two remarkable American who emerged from the star line up of candidate to being locked up in tight contest to the very end.

The former president speech progressed on to reassure his love to his family. As a family man, he accepted that his wife lost to barrack but he was very proud of her since she remained steadfast on her principle which includes pushing for change and for the future of her children. He joined Chelsea his daughter, his wife and 18 million American democrats in assuring full support to Senator Barrack Obama during his rough road to the oval office.

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On the American dream, Bill Clinton said it is under blockade and the Americas leadership to the world has been destabilized. There is too much universalism and lack of cooperation in America while there is dependence on foreign lenders and overdependence on oil imports. Without doubt, Bill Clinton was confident that senator barrack Obama is capable of bringing back lost hope of Americans. Barrack has the ability to inspire Americans and rally us to higher purpose by installing hope he said.

On the economy, he was emphatic that the American middle class and low income earners are hurting with decline in income and job losses. Fore closure of mortgage firms and increases of credit card debt, is a clear indication that country economy is dwindling. Increase in Levels of unemployment is expected. With narrowing economy more and more businesses are facing closure. Though trade losses are still gentle by recession standards, the downfall are relentless and they are increasing (Calderon, 2004). In 2008, the department of labor issued a notice that the unemployment rate in united states have risen to 6.1%.84000 jobs were lost in the month of July with more expected to be lost in coming months. In his speech, Bill Clinton seemed to be have confident on the elected Democrats a candidate policies on economy and taxes which is he described as far superior as the republican alternatives.

Barrack Obama is ready to lead America and restore American leadership in the world. Ready to preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States. Barrack Obama is ready to be President of the United States. The war on Iraq have escalated to a very costly burden for united states in terms of economy and humanity .The fiscal policy of the time is to use more federal spending on reversing the increase trend of fuel and food. The combinations of war and poor bush administration fiscal policy have led to increased inflation that is likely to cause stagflation. According to him barrack will build up the frayed alliances and give back life to international institutions which can come in handy to share the cost of the world problems and help the country maintain its power and influence.

By choosing diplomacy first instead of military force, Bill Clinton is confident that United States will be more secure with barrack Obama. He described the man with Kenyan origin as a person who can  well stand up to the world troubled by terror, drug and people trafficking and human right abuses while putting the  countries values and interest ahead of his own.Bill Clinton have been on the forefront in enhancing global leadership by being involved in project such as Bill Clinton foundation which is committed in fighting HIV and aids, malaria and T.B in the whole world.

Hard working people require affordable health care, good education for their children as well as quality and affordable food and energy. These are challenges that require great ideas and innovation like that of Senator Obama. He is capable of working hard to revise global warming and stop nuclear chemical and biological weapons. That one including creating new jobs for the people is what makes barrack the right candidate according to Bill Clinton.

Looking at the Republican Party, Bill Clinton said the party has set a bad example. Although the American workers have increased productivity and hard work they have not got any returns. With declining wages, increased rates of unemployment, little health care pension benefits and the biggest gap of income inequalities since 1920, Clinton wondered whether that is what Republicans are proud of. Many banks especially savings and loan have experienced a significant outflow from low interest rate deposits in the Bush administration. As interest rates increased due to inflation, most institutions will have most of their money tied in long term mortgage loans at fixed interest rates (Calderon, 2004).

On health care, Families in United States are affected by soaring health cost and reducing coverage. Bill Clinton remembers a case of parents with autism and other severe conditions, who once told him that they can neither afford health care nor qualify their children to the Medicaid unless they relinquish their job or apply for divorce. Millions of people are losing their health insurance and American cannot tolerate that any longer. Bill Clinton has always been in the fore front of global leadership and community development issues. He is associated with the Bill Clinton foundation which the body that is committed in areas such as fighting AIDS, malaria and T.B both at home and the  rest of the world.

Talking straight to the man the Republican will nominate as their presidential candidate. The former president was optimist that they will nominate a good man who loves America the same way democrats do. As a man who heroically suffered during the Vietnam War, Bill Clinton said he is a clear choice for the republican. He however discredited the Republican candidate as a man who still embraces the philosophy which defines Republican Party for not less than 25 years. It is the same philosophy according to the speech that has put America in its current state removing the country from its record of surpluses to a hefty national debt. The same philosophy reduced the new jobs from 22 million to five million while declining the family income by $2000 from $7500.The Republican government and its policies also increased the number of people falling into poverty to over five and half million people.

The speech ended by hailing up the Democrats nominee as a person whose life is  a 21st century manifestation of the American dream and a person whose achievement are a true proof  to a continuing progress towards the Democrats party dream, which is to have a more perfect union. He is the man with the right values of freedom and equal opportunity capable of bringing all Americans together regardless of their race, gender, race and sexual orientation or disability.

Bill Clinton re ascertained his confidence in Senator Barrack Obama that the latter will bring back the divisions of the last eight years to unity and hope. He encouraged any America who believe that the country can be a place called hope to join his family and vote for Senator Barrack Obama as the next president of the United States of America NYT (2008).


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