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Analysis of “Sandy and Her Beautiful Sisters”

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Throughout the following essay I will map out the fairytale “Sandy and her beautiful sisters”, while pursuing the morality in the short story.

“Sandy and her beautiful sisters” – tough being modern – posses many of the characteristics witch define a fairytale – including a morality. The main character, Sandy, finds throughout her search, that there is more to life, than long legs and looks. Sandy puts herself aside, while being at disposal for the people that surrounds her. Sandy often puts herself aside, and prioritizes pleasing other people.

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Analysis of “Sandy and Her Beautiful Sisters”
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We are told in the text, that the three sisters live in a flat in Fullham, England, and Sandy – living in the small room in the back – spends her time waiting on the sisters, and their companionship. Sandy does not see herself as beautiful, and although her sisters compliment her, Sandy describes her family as “there were three sisters – two of them who were beautiful”. Unlike her sisters, Sandy seems to grow through the short story. Sandy is a dreamer. She dreams and she wishes about her future, and while her older sisters’ lives seem stand still, Sandy’s life rapidly moves forward.

A turning point turns Sandy from insecure, to feeling a rebellion ship, a want for the abnormal. The short story “Sandy and her beautiful sisters – a modern fairytale” has a lot of the characteristics which are known from other traditional fairytales. Multiple times the phrase “Once upon a time there were three sisters, two of whom were beautiful” occurs. The sentence is rather important for the analysis: the first four word are the typical beginning of a fairytale. The number three is a magic number, and can be found several times throughout the story.

Other typical fairytale characteristics are the fairy godmother and the “Prince Charming”. The spelling of Mrs. Fairey’s name, the comparison of her with a typical fairy godmother, and her general behavior in the text immediately leads the reader’s thoughts to fairy godmothers. Sam Prince is the modern “Prince Charming”, and his surname indicates that he is not just any man. The sisters Helena and Harriet are very atypical. In the story, they are sisters to Sandy, not stepsisters.

Furthermore, they are not directly cruel to Sandy. It is not clear if they take advantage of Sandy deliberately or if they just don’t know what they are doing, but the last opportunity seems more convincing. When Sandy informs them of her arrangement with Sam Prince, their reaction is shock and the question “But Sandy,” they cried unison, “what will happen to us? ”. The impression the reader gets of them is that they are a bit stupid, egocentric and helpless, but they are not pure evil or deliberately mean.

Another thing that makes the modern fairytale different from the traditional Cinderella stories is the fact that Sandy never marries Sam Prince. The story does not end by “… and they lived happily ever after”. In the end it is decided that Sam Prince is going to live with Sandy, but not in a relationship. He is very supportive and in return she is going to cook for him, whenever he wants her to. The main difference from the modern and the traditional story is the focus on independence. At first, the story appears to celebrate and use the good, old morals known from the traditional fairytales.

It is not about appearance, but about personality, the suppressed wins and luck follows the weak one. Furthermore, the story has a modern touch and brings all these well-known morals up to present time. However, these morals don’t all fit into modern life. One of the morals in the story could be: it is better to be plump and a good cook than to be a long-legged goddess, who can’t boil an egg. Such a moral is celebrating the idea that the woman’s role is in the kitchen. The first part of the moral is fine, but the last part is not fit for the 21st century.

Besides telling us that beauty is not a survival capacity, the text tells us about the states of dependence on our beloved. We should not live as slaves to others if it does not benefit ourselves. Somehow the story itself is quite egocentric. The story has an ironic, but funny and characteristic view on typical women like Harriet and Helena. Another moral of the story could be: Only do what serves you best. Trough my essay, I have tried to analyze the short story as a comparison between the modern fairytales and the traditional.

I have found different morals in the text – and through examples been able to state the reasons for my conclusions. I chose to focus a lot on the modern vs. the traditional, because I believe it proves an important point. I was critical while analyzing, which lead to a wondering of the modernization of the fairytale. Sandy get’s the life she had been dreaming of, and hoping for, while remaining in control, able to be in charge of her own life – maybe this twisted fairytale has its own twisted happy ending – just without Prince Charming by her side.

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