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Analysis of Students’ Skills in Learning English as a Second Language

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    Focus on the Learner

    There are several factors students need to learning when learning English as a second language. Students need to know the meaning of each work, use, word to use in grammar, interactions, spelling, and pronunciation of the word.  The student needs to know how to use the word and how and/or when it is appropriate to use the word.  It must be understood when to use the word to use grammatically and where it belongs in a sentence.  The interaction of the word must be understood, as well as how it interacts and affects other words.  The correct spelling and tense must be understood so that the student can spell the word.  Also pronunciation must be perfected and the student must understand how the word is spoken (Laubscher).

                I have put together a profile, interviewed, and worked with a Turkish student studying English as a second language.

    Background Information

    Rajeb is a Turkish man.  He is 26 years old and has lived in the United Kingdom for the last 6 years.  Rajeb currently owns a fast food restaurant.  He really enjoys his job and has a successful business.  Rajeb enjoys living in Britain.  He wants to improve his English language skills so he can better understand the tax system in the United Kingdom.

    Competence in the Language

    I have analyzed Rajeb’s speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills.


    Rajeb pauses several times when asked questions in English.  He answers the questions in basic English.  He understands the questions that are asked of him.  He can answer the questions in basic English, but he can think about the answers intelligently.  He does not use the correct verb form.


    Rajek is not accurate with any spoken English activities.  Rajeb’s case he has a decent English vocabulary but does not use appropriate verb tenses and also uses singular and plural nouns incorrectly.   His verb usage is incorrect and his sentences do not have a grammatical structure.  Rajek’s pronunciation is very poor and it is often difficult to understand his thoughts, although he speaks at a steady pace.

    Rajeb’s pronunciation is unclear.
    * Rajeb says “lots” pronounced as load.

    * Rajeb says “I don’t like rugy” instead of “I don’t like rugby”.
    Rajeb uses the correct grammatical structure when speaking about his job.  Rajeb’s job description is pronounced poorly and one can not understand what he does for a living.
    * Rajeb says “I am good at my job”.
    Rajeb listening comprehension skills need improvement.  He misunderstands the question or miscommunicates the answer when asked what he enjoys about Britain Rajeb speaks about Turkey.
    Rajek says “I have some friends in Turkey”. It is unclear if he has friends from Turkey in Britain or if he is speaking about going out with friends in Turkey.
    Rajeb confuses singular and plural forms of words and leaves prepositions out of the sentence.
    Rajeb says “since I was children” when referring to his dislike of rugby.  He should say “since I was a child”
    Rajeb uses incorrect tenses and verb forms.
    Rajeb says “If I find a nice job I do business”.  Rajek should have this sentence in the future continuous form, “If I find a nice job I will do business (with my English skills)”.
    Rajeb also says “hope my English improve”.  Rajek should say “hope my English improves”.
    Rajeb says “think good friend mean is”.  Rajeb should say “I think a good friend is”.


    Rajeb uses simple vocabulary.  He is able to express his thoughts.


    Rejab understands basic English readings.  He intelligently comprehends abstract ideas throughout the reading.

    Writing Skills


    Rejab has the ability to communicate thoughts in his writing.  He knows what he would like to say and has the basic skills to communicate his thoughts to the writer


    His sentences lack grammatical structure and proper verb usage.  He miss misspells very few words.  Rajeb leaves prepositions out of many sentences.  His sentences are often fragments.

    Rajeb does not use proper verb tenses.
    When I arrive home he is open door and say hello to me.
    He is clean house and cook meal.
    I don’t worried about the house.

    Rejab does not use prepositions.
    When I arrive home he is open door and say hello to me.
    He is clean house and cook meal.
    Rejab writes in fragments.
    Robot is very clever so very quiet as well.
    Not make me headache any one,
    When I do my homework he is bring me coffee with some nuts.

    Rejab knows to use an adjective in the sentence.  He misspells the work he is trying to use.
    When I get up my breakfast read lying on table.


    Rejab needs to improve in some areas.  He has basic English skills and is ready to learn the proper use of tenses.  With Rejab’s knowledge of the English language he needs to expand his vocabulary.  Rejab is very motivated and eager to learn.  He should be very successful in this English program.


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