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How make you measure Anita Roddick’s direction doctrine and manner? How of import a part did she do to the creative activity of The Body Shop? How of import is her function in its on-going direction?

Anita Roddick’s Management Philosophy & A ; Style1. DoctrineThe 4 basic direction maps of Planning. Forming. Leading & A ; Controlling can be analyzed in item for pulling a image of Anita Roddick’s Management Philosophy for The Body Shop.

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1. Planing* First major obstruction since she didn’t know anything about the cosmetics industry or running a concern * Sourcing merchandises from around the universe2. Forming* Knowledge of fundss was unknown and her hubby Gordon Roddick helped her with this * Investor Ian McGlinn invested ?4000 for the 2nd shop and gave him a 50 % interest in concern * Took on the duty of determination. communicating. and information needed to project her company as a serious rival 3. Leading

* Leadership was really direct and involved.* She travelled extensively ( 2 to 4 months a twelvemonth ) to look for new thoughts and inspiration for new merchandise line debuts * Championed causes she believed in like rain forest protection ( Brazil ) . homeless boys’ occupation creative activity ( India ) . GreenPeace. Friends of Earth etc. and used the Body Shop shop premises to advance these causes among employees. franchisees and clients. 4. Controling

* Follows general administrative theory of Henry Fayol where everyone involved in the company shared/ was expected to portion the same sentiments as her ( This subsequently proved to be a job since franchisees were concerned with acquiring an unwanted political image instead than concentrate on it’s nucleus concern ) * Control was exercised really extremely even over choice of possible franchisee proprietors ( 5000 at a clip ) through really personal and far-out inquiries during personal interviews

2. MannerThere are some common values that she propagates that specify her direction manner like a. Invention ( Strawberry kernel. bottle replenishing – Marketing Innovation in publicities and merchandise bringing method ) b. Eccentricity/Being different ( Body Shop was positioned as a simple trading topographic point instead than a sophisticated shop ) c. Bold/Radical ( Supporting extremely politically sensitive issues like environment preservation. carnal proving. Third World economic system occupation creative activity etc ) d. Cared about people ( Day attention centres for employees ) e. Risk Taking ( Entered the communications-intensive US market with the same no-advertising scheme. However. her environment friendly concern placement was easy replicated by rivals like Estee Lauder and Revlon ) f. High personal values ( However. she herself says that this might hold been a job ‘……… . . I have ne’er been able to Body Shop values from my ain personal values’ ) g. Customer Focus ( She says ‘… . . The problem with selling is that consumers are hyped out…’ )

All of these points to an inspirational/motivational and transformational leadership/management manner with a focal point on being different and advanced and at the same clip keeping humane values as the highest end of concern. Through the Body Shop she has used the ‘Environmental Product Differentiation’ Strategy to market the brand/product.

Contribution to creative activity of Body Shop

In 1976 an inexperient Anita Roddick got tired of uncorroborated direction and The Body Shop claims of the cosmetics industry that their merchandises couldn’t deliver. She decided to do a determination that would alter her life forever. Anita became a director of her ain little concern in Brighton England. Selling the natural secrets found throughout the universe ; learned from extended travel while employed as a instructor with the U. N. . she created a bungalow industry of alien personal organic structure attention merchandises.

* Took a ?4000 bank loan to get down the first Body Shop* Developed a line of 25 natural tegument and hair attention merchandises ( each merchandise in 5 sizes i. e. 25X5 = 125 SKUs )* First batches of the merchandise prepared by herself* Got a local art pupil to plan the first Body Shop Logo for ?25 * Created an advanced refill scheme to unite her passion for environmental protection with packaging cost decrease scheme to offer clients merchandise offerings at a 15 % price reduction * Positioned the trade name as simple. honest. exciting and fun trading environment with a focal point on consumer consciousness motion ( happenstance )

All in all. the company since it’s origin was an extension of her personal doctrine and strong beliefs.

Role in ongoing direction

Currently ( 1990s ) the entry of Body Shop in the $ 12 billion cosmetics market with 37 stores ( by mid 1900s ) has thrown up many challenges given Body Shop’s political image. US market rivals like Estee Lauder and Revlon and non-existent advertisement scheme. Besides Anita and Gordon Roddick’s purposes for leading sequence are really seeable in their statements ( Anita’s ‘… . Leadership of a company should promote following generation… . . ’ ) Analysts besides felt that the company had outgrown its historical scheme. organisation and even its leading

Therefore. it is our understanding that Anita’s engagement in direct operations ( at least in the US market ) will be reduced and new leading will accommodate and integrate the bing organisational civilization and value.

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