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Annotated Bibliography on the player agent and sports Essay

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Annotated Bibliography

Wladimir Andreff and Stefan Szymansnski, (2006), Handbook on the economics of sport, Illustrated Edition, Cheltenham, Edward Elgar Publishing Ltd, page 678-683. ISBN1843766086, 9781843766087,

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Annotated Bibliography on the player agent and sports
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            In this book the authors provide a basic overview of the relationship between the player and the agent. Particularly the authors show that the function of the agent in sports is to maximize the winning potential of the player. The authors have also shown the legal relationship between the player and the agent. The textbook has also highlighted the legal relationship that exists between the agent and the player.

At this section the authors have shown how the player-agent relationship is similar to other kinds of relationships in other business settings that involve an agent and a principal relationship. The textbook has clearly highlighted the reasons why the agent profession has been popular in the sport industry. The benefits of being an agent are also outlined in this textbook and the authors argue that some agents may gain more than the players they represent.

The authors have given several examples of instances when the agents’ earnings rival those of the players.

This textbook also provides information concerning the duties of the agents and the authors argue that these may differ between the agents and also between the players being represented. The textbook also outlines the relationship between the managers of sports and the agents. By linking the present and the future duties of the agents the book becomes very useful in relation to the duties of the agent. The textbook has a section that discusses several issues that are related to agents in the sports industry. The authors have also discussed how players can avoid contracting agents who are not competent. This concept has been explained by a number of regulations for the players. The authors have also outlined the areas that are of concern in relation to the regulations; these areas according to the authors are expertise standards, measures for solicitation and wrong conducts. The book therefore is an essential material in the area of player-agent relationship as they relate to the legal and sports issues.

Frank Angst, (2009), Job Profile sports Agent, available online from: http://sportscareers.about.com/od/careerpaths/a/SpAgent.htm,

            In this article Frank explains the reason why some people would like to be managers of sports while others really want to establish contacts with the players and therefore they end up being player agents. The author also explains why the group of people who like establishing contacts with players and sponsors find the career of player agent quite rewarding. The article goes ahead to explain the responsibilities of the player agents and it outlines several of these. The article also indicates what one needs to really get started in the career of a player agent. The author shows the necessity of having a legal background so as to be an effective player agent. The article then explains the necessary steps one needs to take incase he or she does not have a legal background and is interested in being a player agent. The article clearly outlines the most appropriate path that one needs to follow for them to be a famous player agent and the necessary moves that can attract more clients. The author in his article clearly shows how beginning from an already established agent firm may build up a well responsible player agent. This article also shows that besides the current responsibility of the sports agent which is to bargain the amount of money that the player needs to be paid, the agent should also understand other factors that are related to the player presented. These factors have been clearly explained in this article. The author has also outlined the necessary moves that the sport agent needs to take in order to successfully achieve their responsibilities and offer the best deals to the players they represent. Lastly this article has outlined the current statistics of sport agents in the United States and the expected number in the future. The author has also outlined the major pay ranges and methods used by sport agents in the United States.

3. Aaron N. Wise and Bruce S. Meyer, (1997), International sports law and business, New York, Kluwer Law International, pp. 475-498.  ISBN9041109773, 9789041109774


            This textbook clearly brings out an exclusive outline of the requirements for one to be certified as a sport agent according to the United States Federal laws. The authors start by outlining the necessary steps to be followed in the application for a certificate in the area of sport agent. The authors also clearly show the timeframe needed with all the requirements for one to be certified as a sports agent. The authors go ahead to specify the responsibilities that a player agent may play during the period that he or she has an interim certificate according to the committee responsible for the certification of player agents. The authors have clearly identified the conditions under which a potential applicant for a certificate of a player agent may be denied the chance. The textbook gives a detailed explanation on how a potential sport agent may appeal against the denial of the certificate. The authors have gone ahead to explain the circumstances that may lead to suspension or revocation of the certificate of a current player agent. The authors also recommend ways that may prevent the suspension or revocation of the certificate. In an exclusive way the text book has explained the kind of conduct by the player agent that is subject to discipline in the United States and recommended ways of staying out of such conducts. The textbook also explains the disciplinary actions that are to be taken with respect to the kind of prohibited conduct that has been performed by the player agent. Incase the player agent feels that there is a need to appeal against a certain conduct he or she is supposed to follow some stipulated rules in making the appeal. The authors have also clearly outlined the legal procedures that are followed in the hearings of a player agent case. The textbook clearly examines the rules in each State in the United States and has therefore developed State statutes that regulate the player agents. The statues are also combined with some extracts of NCAA rules and regulations concern with the use of player agents. These collective materials shows why this textbook is an essential material in collecting of information related to player, agent and sports.

Angel fire, (2009), player agents, available from: http://www.angelfire.com/vt/agents/,

            This is a web article that provides an inclusive outline of the major issues regarding the player agents in sports. The article begins by first outlining the standard minor league contract. This is a kind of a contract that is minor leagues sign when entering into a contract with other players. The web article outlines the rules that govern this kind of contract. The web article then describes in details the legal duties of player agents and recommends ways of ensuring that the player agents perform their legal duties in the right manner. The web article also provides legal incentives that are available to player agents and how they can make use of these incentives to improve their services. The article provides a detailed and exclusive report on the major problems that players face with their agents. The major cause of these problems is because the agents have the responsibility to negotiate very complex contracts on behalf of the players and yet there is no requirement that needs them to be attorneys and so they end up facing legal problems as they carry out their work. The article also clearly shows how the player agents carry out transactions although there is no rule that requires them to be professional accountants. The web article provides the set rules by NCCA that are to be followed by player agents. The rules are well stipulated in the article and it also shows the consequences that agents may face if the rules set by NCCA are not followed. The web article clearly shows the different types of player agents that different players will hire depending on the type of sport. The circumstances that may require the hiring of a certain type of agent are also clearly stipulated in the web article. The web article offers a detailed report useful to the players in that it may guide them on deciding which agent is appropriate for them. The web article is therefore an exclusive material in the area of player agent in sports as it relates to legal issues.

James C. Green, ESQ, (2007), Legal issue involving sports marketing, Crivello, Carson, Mentkowski and Steeves, pp. 1-16

This is a detailed paper outlining the legal issues that are commonly related with the aspect of marketing sports. The paper first explains the legal issues concerning dual capacity. The issue of dual capacity as explained by the author arises when an attorney dealing with a sports case finds himself or herself acting as an agent and at the same time as an attorney to the player. The author describes instances that may lead to this kind of a contradiction. The other issue that is covered in an exclusive manner in the paper is the issue of compensation. The author explains the circumstances that may make the compensation for the attorney a complicated issue. According to the author the attorney wants to be paid as a sport agent due to a certain contract and at the same time wants to get commission for settling a legal dispute concern with the player. Licensing is the other legal issue that the author has outlined in the paper. This issue according to the author involves the licenses that are required from unions, leagues and associations during the marketing of the player. Other legal issues covered in the paper involve the sale of fine art prints related to the player. The author has exclusively covered this issue because most agents find difficulties in dealing with the issue of selling the complementary [prints that have the picture of the player they represent. The paper goes ahead to list sample contracts between players and agents that show the legal issues that have been discussed in the paper. These sample contracts provide realistic information concerning the legal issues discussed in the paper and therefore the paper is a resourceful material in the player, agent and sport relationship.

WORD COUNT: 1, 739

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