Anthropological Examination of ‘The Hunger Games’

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In the film ‘The Hunger Games’ a female and a male is chosen from 12 territories to vie in a game called Hunger Game. They must contend for their life and survive out-of-doorss in order to travel place. There is merely one victor out of the 12 territories. out of 24 people. merely one goes place. Anthropology. one of the three societal scientific disciplines is the survey of development of the human species and human civilizations throughout the universe. besides the ways of life of a group of people. traditions and conventions. The hungriness games provide three facets from the anthropological position ; functional theory. cultural philistinism and feminist anthropology. The film hungriness games has a strong anthropological position.

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Functional theory

Functional theory. one of the school of ideas in anthropology. is a theory that believes every belief. action and/or relationship has a intent to run into the demands of an person or society. In the film. the intent of this game is merely for the enjoyment and amusement for The Capitol. The 12 males and twelve females from each territory are to be cleaned and to be put in their best apparels at the reaping. When the male and female are picked from each territory they are taken to the capitol to be cleaned exhaustively. set them in costumes and do them presentable at the gap ceremonial. An action was taken in the game by Seneca Crane. the caput game shaper. and the regulation of the game was changed. he allowed the game to hold two victors. because of this he was executed. the action of altering the regulations of the game was taken for society.

Cultural philistinism

Cultural philistinism is the theory of stuffs or conditions within the environment that influence development. a school of idea in anthropology. The biggest cultural philistinism in The Hunger Games was their vesture. In territory 12. the people wear vesture that are likewise in the reaping. The females wear frocks or blouse and skirt that are likewise. they are bleached white. tap and/or Grey. the designs are besides the same. The males in territory 12 wear shirts and frock bloomerss. faded Grey or white. On the other manus. the people populating in The Capitol is dressed really high manner. and colorful. they besides have a batch of make-up on. The cultural philistinism difference between the both categories is the lower category. from the territories. wear non-colourful bleached apparels and people of the high category. from The Capitol. wear colorful alone vesture.

Feminist anthropology

Feminist anthropology. a school of idea in anthropology. is the survey of gender functions and how male are dominate. In the film. males and females are picked to vie in the hungriness games. although there’s a prejudice position that a female would non do it so far. nor win. The teacher and counselor of territory 12 told Katniss that she wouldn’t do it far. because she is a female but chiefly because of her attitude. To every one’s surprise. Katniss and Peeta win at the terminal.


The film ‘The Hunger Games’ has a strong anthropological position. The three schools of idea. functional theory. cultural philistinism. and feminist anthropology. each have a strong position in the film the hungriness games. It shows why they changed certain things in the game. their civilization and why they do the hungriness games yearly. It shows the cultural difference between the high category and low category. Last the prejudice position between female and male.

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