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Applying Problem Solving

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Applying Problem-Solving PHL/251 February 27, 2012 Applying Problem-Solving Critical thinking is imperative in problem-solving because it enables a person to make more informed decisions by analyzing and evaluating the problem creatively. To solve a problem one must identify the problem correctly, accumulate information and facts, and evaluate and monitor solutions (Kirby Goodpaster, 2007). Persuasive and scientific thinking are methods to evaluate and analyze problem situations and determine how to solve the problems using a process and strategy. Two problems will be evaluated in the following paper.

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Applying Problem Solving
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One problem will be solved with persuasive thinking and the other with scientific thinking. After carefully reviewing the creative critical thinking methods, a solution will be determined with a description on how the solution will solve the problem. Problem Situations A problem situation that I have encountered is choosing a new elementary school for my child with autism. I choose a school based upon data provided by the Board of Education, state specialists, and other agencies. The school I choose has an autism learning center and my local public school system does not.

For my child to attend this particular school chosen, I have to persuade the Board of Education that my local public school does not meet the special needs of my son and that he needs to attend the school I have chosen for him. By utilizing persuasive thinking techniques, I will be able to achieve my goals of helping the Board of Education to come to the conclusion that his public school does not meet his special needs. The next problem is a problem that my family and I are experiencing because of the sluggish economy in our area. Our family business is overextending financially and we need to make it more efficient.

The scientific thinking process will enable my family to determine what will make our business more efficient during the economic recession in our area by providing factual information that has been proven to work for others. Using Persuasive Thinking The persuasive thinking technique will be used to affect the Board of Education decisions on the school that my child will attend next year. I will start using knowledge in my persuasive thinking to show the Board of Education that his current school does not have an autism support learning group, which is a violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act law.

The school was also chosen by an autism specialist who is a psychiatrics that treats children with autism and related disorders. I will inform them through data that autistic children who attend classes with autism support learning groups have a 75% chance of obtaining more information, learning necessary materials, and gaining an overall better education (Swartz, 2012). I will not use biases in the persuasive thinking but answer questions honesty and objectively.

I must present my knowledge and information with a likeable presence by explaining my motivation without biases and listening and answering the Board of Education’s questions with an open mind. The rational appeal approach by giving facts and proof that my child will benefit from attending a school with an autism learning support group will help provide logical data to the Board of Education. The emotion appeal and aspects of my problem will give me the ability to state my problem and solution in an emotional way that appeals to parents who want a good education for their child.

Using Scientific Thinking Our business must be more efficient to survive in the current recession in our area. Using the scientific thinking method, I will implement rational thinking and actual facts. The business cannot send more money than it makes. If this occurs than the business will continue not to gain profits and ultimately fail. A rational thought about this situation is to decrease spending in the business budget and establish a stricter spending budget. One way to decrease the spending budget is to eliminate wasteful spending.

For instance, instead of renting office space by the month, the business could rent space when needed, which is only about seven to ten times a week according to the business records and data over a five year period. Another solution would be to increase legal services by 10%. The services provided by our legal business are greatly reduced compared to other law firms and businesses. By budgeting and eliminating wasteful spending, the business will have more finances to invest in advertising, which is proven to help small businesses gain financial stability and build a brand (Advertising Research Foundation, 2011). Summarizing Solutions

The solution to the problem of my child attending a school that has an autism support learning center is to persuade the Board of Education through persuasive thinking skills. These skills include presenting factual information that supports the persuasive argument like recommendations from a doctor who specializes in autism diagnosis, the federal law of the Americans with Disabilities Act that specifies that special needs children receive modification in the classroom, and data from a study conducted about a learning support group. I will also present data that his current school does not provide the support needed as required by law.

Another solution is to use be objective, honest, not present biases, and appeal to emotion. The problem will solve the problem because it will offer information in a rational appeal and approach, which the Board of Education will understand because the law requires them to act upon these demands. The second problem has many solutions to help our family business become more efficient and gain a profit in a sluggish economy. The solution through the scientific thinking process is to eliminate wasteful and unnecessary spending by reducing operation costs and budgets.

The firm must invest in more advertising because it is proven to expand a business and increase profits. The firm must also increase the price of services offered to compete with other competitors and increase profits because currently the firm is undercharging for services. These solutions will solve the problem because it will enable the firm to reduce its costs, gain more clients, and gain more financially from its services. Conclusion Problem-solving requires critical thinking skills in persuasion and scientific thinking to gather information and facts and rationally determine a solution that will solve problems. By using these techniques, problem-solving will be more effective and provide a greater understanding and better solutions.

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