Argumentative Analysis: The Black Dahlia

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The information that was giving will draw the reader and makes the reader eel convincing about the Black Dahlia murder. This appeal is a type of emotion that interacts because it feeds into a reader’s interest, keeping them attracted as they read. However, this appeal, to pathos does not make Wolf’s argument any more reliable, just because the readers read about her ended up lying in weeds does not make a clear statement of who did this and why.

Before Wolf’s breaks down his argument based on the evidence and reason, he first accomplishes credibility. Wolfe appeals to ethos by explaining his reference as well as the credibility extensive research, based on the evidence e discovered in the recently opened LAP files on the murder. Wolfe establishes his authority by explaining how he worked in Hollywood as screenwriter and film editor for twenty-five years, during the time Elizabeth Short was brutally murdered.

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The dedication and time that Donald H. Wolfs put in his book and the evidence of George Hooded murdering Black Dahlia, accomplish the preparation for this appeal to logos. Finally, Wolf’s most convincing argument is his evidence and concept behind why he believes George Hooded, the prime suspect, who murdered Black Dahlia. Wolf’s begins he appeal to logos by giving brief descriptive evidence that supports his points of assumptions on Black Dahlia murder.

Wolfs (2003) argues how Hotel’s evidence matches the victims that were involved and the previous relationships he had with her to make him the prime suspect of the murder. George Hooded connections to victims such as, his friend, Man Ray, when the Surrealist lived in Hollywood during the war and DRP. Hooded apparently admired his artistry. According to Wolf’s, ‘The position of the mutilated body of the victim found on Norton Avenue, with her arms bent above her head, duplicated the pose of Man Rays The

Minotaur, a surreal photo of a nude women with her arms bent above her head like the horns of the mythological bull. ” (Pig. 349) Wolfe claims that this is a “Thought Print” that proves George Hooded was the killer. However, more likely that Elizabeth Short’s arms were bent back above her head because her wrists had been tied to the bathtub shower pipes when she was bisected. Donald H. Wolfe continues, with more indirect evidence to support his case throughout the book. Majority of Wolfs evidence, makes this argument sounds more reasonable and convincing murder.

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