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Art VIsual Analysis Paper Sample

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I work at The Breakers hotel in West Palm. and have had the pleasance of seeing assorted plants of art on the day-to-day footing. I chose to analyse a self-portrait of a adult male named Henry Flagler. This picture is located on the south side of the hotel. and has a great sum of historical significance. Henry Flagler founded The Breakers and is really good known in West Palm. non merely for his promotions in the oil industry and railway lines.

but for his celebrated hotel by the ocean-side. The painting incorporates many of the elements of art and design. For illustration. there is some contrast between the black suit Mr. Flagler is have oning and the field light brown background behind him. Though I believe a greater contrast would’ve worked to the artist’s benefit.

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Art VIsual Analysis Paper Sample
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The focal point of this picture is clearly Mr. Flagler. I know this because there are no visually deflecting objects behind him. The creative person besides used graduated table and propinquity to do Henry Flagler the focal point.

Henry is the biggest signifier on the canvas. By doing him bigger. the creative person causes the perceiver to concentrate on his really presence. and for the most portion. that entirely. There is a expression of strength and earnestness that is being projected off of Mr. Flagler. If he were non the chief focal point of this work of art. this intense expression in his face would non be as effectual to the perceiver.

The creative person used asymmetrical balance. which worked good in uniting the picture as a whole. Because this was a picture of a individual. asymmetrical balance helped convey a existent life human-like quality to the self-portrait.

In add-on to this. it is clear that Henry Flagler was painted utilizing organic forms versus geometric forms. This worked in the artist’s favour. For illustration. Henry’s suit looks natural and free flowing. There are no difficult edges or crisp corners as one would see in a picture integrating geometrics forms.

The creative person did a phenomenal occupation in his usage of lines to demo item. For the most portion. the picture was made utilizing implied line. which helped add to the existent life feeling of Mr. Flagler. But. on the contrary. I can besides see the specific utilizations of existent lines. non merely implied 1s throughout the picture.

For illustration. Henry’s superciliums are made with shading and black and grey lines to add texture. There is form shown in his face due to the bleached lines located on the right side of the span of his olfactory organ. In add-on. bold. black. perpendicular lines were used to make the chair Henry is sitting on.

Shadowing was besides a critical portion of this picture. Mr. Flagler’s face alterations hue from visible radiation to dark on the sides of his face to convey accent to the forepart of his face and give the perceiver the semblance of deepness. infinite. construction. and signifier.

I believe that the creative person could’ve done a few things otherwise to assist do the paining more visually appealing. For illustration. the value of the picture tends to remain dark. The colourss are besides instead dull and lack strength. The creative person besides did non utilize any complimentary colourss. but alternatively. decided to utilize impersonal. Earth tones. In my sentiment. this took off from what could’ve been a more visually appealing picture.

Consecutive. if the background of this painting changed colour from visible radiation on the underside to dark on top. it would’ve helped convey more accent and even demo more deepness. Because Mr. Flagler’s suit is black. the black background traveling down takes off from what he is have oning.

One major thing I noticed that I did non wish is the fact that the chair he is sitting on is brown and the background behind him is the exact same shadiness of brown. I had to maintain looking at the picture to truly understand precisely what was traveling on. I understand that he used a bold. black. perpendicular line to demo the perceiver that Flagler is sitting on a chair. but in my sentiment. the picture as a whole could’ve been more visually appealing if the chair was another colour. One could reason that it was brown in order to maintain the focal point on Flagler and non the chair. but either manner. I would’ve preferred it to be a spot less elusive.

All in all this picture did precisely what the creative person intended it to make: portray Mr. Flagler in a sophisticated. personal sort of manner. It shows him as both an accessible friend and a professional man of affairs in which he was. The creative person did a great occupation in integrating ocular elements of art and the rules of design.

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