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Surgical Technology School

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  • Pages 2
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    Pomp means procession (ceremony) and circumstance draws from the idea that fuss that happens around particular event. The tune sounds triumph, bringing this piece to life. Listening to this piece reminds me of my high school graduation and also, when I graduated for Surgical Technology school at a two- year college; lots of memories. I played the flute in band from the time I was in the 4th grade until entering high school and I finally decided to leave the band.

    We played this song for important special occasions. The tune had an underlying quality of nostalgia, making it perfectly suited to a commencement that marks the beginning of one stage of life, but to the end of another. When you are getting ready to walk across the stage to receive you diploma or degree, this music piece alone brings tears to your eyes of achievement; you have made it to the finish line. Edward Legal concepts of music from this piece, was very well structured from beginning to end.

    The basic structure for the piece was striding, arousing, and militant outer section, reflective with a solemn inner tune. This piece has two main ideas of A and B, just like assignment one did. The musical ideas of this piece that was composed by Edward Legal from 00:00 to 01 is: O:O – 0:19 A 0:50- 1:09 A 1:30- 1:38 B This was composed as an ensemble. The introduction leads to a new theme: strong pair of beats alternating with short notes, and a bass which precisely clashes with the tune.

    A little rhythmic pattern played by strings, then repeated high and low in the orchestra before the section is concluded by a chromatic upward scale from the woodwind group. The bridge section, known as a trio, has rhythmic chords from the brass punctuating high notes that were held from the wings and strings. What follows is a repetition of what has been heard before, including a fuller statement of the trio.

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