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Supra Cancan Petroleum Bertha (Supra Cancan) is a full-fledged upstream player and one of the world’s largest integrated oil and gas services and solutions providers. Supra Cancan’s full spectrum of capabilities covers the entire value chain of exploration, development, production, rejuvenation, and decommissioning and abandonment. Multinational workforce comprising 51 nationalities and over 13,000 people, comprehensive world-class assets and project management capabilities, the Group’s global presence can be seen in over 20 countries including Malaysia, China, Australia, Brazil, the United States of

America, as well as those in Western Africa, and the Middle East. Supra Cancan vision is to be the best entrepreneurial led, technically competent and most trusted global oil and gas company in the eyes of our customers, shareholders and most importantly, our empowered people. It will be guided by honesty, trust and respect for all. It will achieve their business objectives by being safe, agile and professional to continuously strive to meet all of their stakeholders’ expectations. Supra Cancan provides a full range of construction and engineering services required for the O&G industry, from detailed engineering sign to construction.

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They also focused on the fabrication, building and upgrading of uniforms, vessels, jackets, topsides and other O&G facilities. Engineering works include initial conceptualizations, process simulations, studies, development and analysis to enhance solutions, computer run-troughs and 3-dimensional modeling, as well as multi-discipline detailed engineering designs. With the attainment of Slough Limiter’s marine construction division, they are also have the capability to provide extensive engineering services encompassing conceptual, front end engineering design and detailed design or projects in deep-water and difficult environments.

There are four asset of Supra Cancan which is fabrication and HOC, offshore construction and subset services, drilling and last is energy. Fabrication and HOC is key assets are the Lump Fabrication Yard and the Labial Shipyard, where all kinds of fabrication activities are carried out. These include the engineering and fabrication of onshore and offshore production facilities, construction, conversion and refurbishment of vessels, rigs and barges.

Offshore construction and subset services The Group has a long track record in providing offshore installation ND HOC activities in Malaysia and has since expanded into regional and global markets. The Group has established strong partnerships and strategic alliances with international partners such as Escadrille, Subset 7 and Doubt & Larsen. These partnerships have enabled the Group to jointly undertake projects abroad, expand its deep-water capabilities and enhance its human capital skills.

Supra Cancan Drilling is one of the world’s leading tender rig owners and operators with more than 50% market share, with operations in South East Asia, West Africa and Central America. Supra Cancan also have development and production as art of being a fully integrated services and solutions provider, Supra Cancan Petroleum has expanded into the exploration and production of petroleum resources in categorical and geophysical surveys, engineering, fabrication, pipeline installation and offshore hook-up and commissioning services to deliver in record time.

As part of a consortium, Supra Cancan were awarded the first domestic marginal field Risk Service Contract (RISC) by PATRONS on the strength of their diverse experiences and key assets. The RISC is for the development and production of gas from Aberrant, a marginal field offshore Termagant. As for PATRONS, short for Petroleum National Bertha is a Malaysian oil and gas company that was founded on 17 August 1974. Wholly owned by the Government of Malaysia, the corporation is vested with the entire oil and gas resources in Malaysia and is entrusted with the responsibility of developing and adding value to these resources.

PATRONS is ranked among Fortune Global asses largest corporations in the world. Fortune ranks PATRONS as the 75th largest company in the world in 2013. It also ranks PATRONS as the 12th most profitable company in the world and the most profitable in Asia. Since its incorporation, PATRONS has grown to be an integrated international oil and gas company with business interests in 35 countries. As of the end of March 2005, the PATRONS Group comprised 103 wholly owned subsidiaries, 19 partly owned outfits and 57 associated companies.

The Financial Times has identified PATRONS as one of the “new seven sisters”:[6] the most influential and mainly state-owned national oil and gas companies from countries outside the COED. PATRONS activities, including upstream exploration and production of oil and gas to downstream oil refining, marketing and distribution of trolley products, trading gas processing and liquefaction, gas transmission pipeline network operations, marketing of liquid natural gas, petrochemical manufacturing and marketing, shipping, automotive engineering, and property investment.

As the custodian for Malaysia’s national oil and gas resources, PATRONS has explore, produce and deliver energy to meet society’s growing needs. The growing demand for energy inspires and strengthens purpose to steadily drives for new solutions and push boundaries towards a sustainable energy future. With the innovative approaches to technology which helps us unlock and make best use of energy sources from even the most remote and difficult environments. Fully integrated value chain spans from exploration to marketing, logistics to technological infrastructures, with operations in over 50 countries around the world.

Throughout our rapidly expanding network and steady growth trajectory, PATRONS has consistently and successfully implemented various social, environmental and community programmers, guided by its larger Corporate Sustainability Framework, in carrying out business in a socially responsible and holistic manner for the benefit of both the present ND future generations. 2. 0 PATRONS AND SUPRA CANCAN For this assignment, our groups decide to choose company that in oil and gas industry. In Malaysia, there are many companies that are in oil and gas industry.

Nowadays, Oil and Gas Company have a big potential to growth. Oil and gas industry has played a crucial role in the growth of the Malaysian economy. Oil and gas production have been a mainstay of Malaysia’s growth since oil was first drilled in 1910 in Karakas. The founding of PATRONS in 1974 help to increase the development of oil and gas resources in Malaysia. The oil and gas industry s generally divided into upstream, midstream and downstream activities. Upstream activities consist of exploration, development and production of oil and gas resources.

Midstream and downstream activities range from the transportation of oil and gas, to refining and processing through to marketing and trading of end products. The oil and gas company that we choose for this group assignment is Patrons and Supra Cancan. The reason why we choose this company because Patrons is the big company that have many experience in oil and gas company. Petroleum National Bertha (PATRONS) established in 1 974, is Malaysia’s fully integrated oil ND gas multinational ranked among the largest corporations. Petroleum National Bertha is Malaysia’s National Petroleum Corporation wholly-owned by the Malaysian Government.

Patrons now ranked among the largest company in the world. In 201 3, Patrons get 5 % increase in profit before tax is Arm 94 billion. This is the best performance of Patrons. In PUFFY 3, the Group recorded 9% growth in revenue and 8% growth in net profit attributable to shareholders, respectively. The increase was mainly driven by higher sales volume of the Group’s major products as a result of higher production. It was further supported by a favorable US Dollar exchange rate against the Ringing. In 2013, the US Dollar averaged about ARM. 15 against the Ringing, which was higher than the average of ARM. 09 in the preceding year.

Second company that we choose is Supra Cancan Petroleum is a full-fledged upstream player and one of the world’s largest integrated oil and gas services and solutions providers. A Vision of Supra Cancan Petroleum is to be the best entrepreneurial led, technically competent and most trusted global oil and gas company in the eyes of our customers, shareholders and most importantly, our empowered people. We will be guided by our honesty, trust and respect for all. We will achieve our business objectives by being safe, agile and professional to continuously strive to meet all of our stakeholders’ expectations.

Supra Cancan are listing in Bursa Malaysia Securities Bertha on 17 May 2012. Supra Cancan are also be listed in Forbes Asia Fabulous 50 companies for 2013. Only the best from Asia-Pacifism’s biggest public companies are named in the list after an analysis of their revenue, profit, return on capital, share price movement and outlook. Supra Cancan was also voted “Sais’s Overall Best Managed Company n Natural Resources” for 2014 by international financial publication, Finance Asia, in its annual poll involving over 3,000 investors and market analysts from 10 countries in Asia.

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