Oil and natural gas

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What are the underlying assumptions in projections versus forecasts? Are the extension of past trends into the future. They identify trend lines and simply extend them to the future regardless of constraints or changes. Forecast are the prediction of future conditions based on projection modified by expected assumptions of driving forces, constraints, and opportunities. What are the benefits of a multitude of solution wedges to fill a UDF gap?

The benefits are that (UDF) desired future condition it breaks it down into multiple tepees in order to achieve the required goal, By exploring multiple options and quantifying what each could achieve in terms of the solution wedges. What defines the axes in a scenario matrix? Its a cross to the right is success moving forward like the example with China 1) emperor of business 2) emperors new clothes which means going broke. So the goal is to get high economic influence followed by resolving conflicts diplomatically by not doing this China will be stuck with bad economy and not getting ahead of its peers.

What differentiates a soft energy path from a hard energy path? Soft energy path is consider alternative energy such as wind, solar etc… Hard path energy are non-renewable resources, such as coal, oil and natural gas What is low quality energy? Low quality energy is dispersed and disorganized and has little ability to work, usually very disorder which makes it less useful The energy source that dominated the EIA projections its the amount of oil that is been used up so they come up with this graph that has been very inaccurate not taking into account renewable energy which detachedly not anyhow back in 1980.

So don’t really see the point of trying to come up with an energy forecast because technology changes everything. There are four generation in the nuclear road map, the first generation started back in the sass. Then the second generation came through in the ass it was named as commercial power reactors, then generation 3 called Advanced Lars in the early sass so according to this roadman we are getting closer to generation 3+ which to me sound pretty exciting its ready to go in a short notice so the future brings in some pretty exciting ideas.

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