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Assignment Gamuda

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Gamut has delivered and completed numerous large-scale civil infrastructure projects to-date such as operate and maintain km of highways that serve more than two million road users each day, provide water supply to more than woo million Klan Valley residents daily and built more than 14,000 homes in our integrated lifestyle townships. Besides constantly challenging the status quo to go beyond our boundaries in the developments we construct, Gamut endeavourers to enrich the communities by positively changing the way people live and contribute to nation building through continuous education and training.

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Assignment Gamuda
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We have transformed communities with mega developments such as the internationally-acclaimed Stemware Management and Road Tunnel (SMART) in Malaysia; the Shunning Metropolitan Mass Rapid Transit (SMART) in Taiwan; Sitar Causeway Bridges in Bahrain; Duggan Highway and New Doth International Airport (INDIA) in Qatar; Durra and Pantograph-Palmist Expressways in India, as well as Gamut City and Celadon City in Vietnam.

Paving the way for a new chapter in Malaysia’s transportation history, we are the Project Delivery Partner (PDP) for the MR.

, Mass Rapid Transit project (Issuing Bully – Kananga Line) (USB Line), the nation’s largest public infrastructure project. The new 51 km MR. line comprising 31 stations will form the backbone of an efficient and sustainable ass rail transportation system for residents in the Klan Valley. We are also the appointed main contractor for the 9. Km underground tunneling portion of Mart’s USB Line by the Government. Our scope of engineering expertise covers highways and expressways, bridges, tunnels, dams and hydrophone generation, hydraulic engineering and water treatment, railways and mass- rapid transit systems, marine works and ports, and buildings, delivered through general contracting, design and build, turnkey, as well as the B. O. T approach.

Our emphasis on differentiation, value-creation and operational excellence has enabled the Group to consistently deliver distinctive infrastructure and homes bearing Gamut’s hallmark of innovation, superior quality, outstanding value and on-time completion. 1. 1 VISION We deliver innovative world-class infrastructure and homes for our customers through our core businesses in infrastructure development and construction, operation and maintenance of public infrastructure concessions, and large-scale urban property development.

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