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    The enterprise may run into a serious problem. Objective of Planning should result into the following:-a. Altercation of Product to be offered its design and distinctive features from the procedurally existing in the market. B. Selection of the Process and Technology to be used for production. C. Location and Layout of Plant and facilities where goods and services should be produced. D Handling Equipment (MME) to be used. E. Capacity of the Plan to be installed. F. Forecasting of demand or sales. G.

    Production planning to include procurement of material, sequencing of aching operations,scheduling of activities and outline organization/control systems. H. Logistics Details along with warehousing and distribution system. Basic Stage of Planning The entrepreneur plans to achieve the objectives of planning through two distinct stages:a. Strategic Planning to identify the purpose of business, product and process design, selection of plant and its layout. B. Detailed Planning for the use of the conversion process.

    Strategic Planning Strategic planning is thinking thorough the current mission of the organization intergovernmental conditions facing it and then setting forth a guide for future decisions and results. The strategic planning involves systematic assessment of environment, mission, and position of the proposed enterprise, which should result into several strategic options. Various factors to bookbinderies during the strategic planning are shown in Fig. 1. 2 Strategic Planning for Operations.

    After several viable options have been identified, their critical analysis should be carried to identify the best strategic plan which will form the basis for issue of logic for further detailed planning. An analytical model of the corporate planning process is shown in Fig. 1. 3. As this plan creativities, its sequences or cycles are to be repeated several times till a final feasible plan stiffened . The strategic planning will result into identification of products or product groups, processing technologies, capacity, locations and layouts of facilities and creation of infrastructure. 3 Fig. 1. 2. Strategic planning for operations.

    Detailed Planning for Personalization for operations envisioning into more details. These wildcatted forecasting of demand, matching demand with the capacity available,identifying additional capacity or running existing capacity to the extent it is required to meet the demand. Ingratiate planning for production over next one to two years is also carried out. That helps in planning for procurement raw material or industrial goods,details of organizations to be raised underlining and sequencing of aestheticism will result into the final product. 4 Fig. L . 3. Analytical corporate planning process.

    Answer 3. (a) Total quality control (ETC) The underlying principle often is to produce high quality goods in the first place rather than rejecting defective products later in the inspection. It involves following:a. Top management involvement. B. Quality Control Training for everyone. C. Robust product/service for everyone. D. High quality raw materials from suppliers. E. Control in production. F. Quality Control is distribution, installation and use. Deeming 14 Points W. Edwards Deeming (Father of Quality Control in Japan) emphasized that high quality’s lower costs and professed the following points to managers. Create consistency and continuity of purpose. 2. Refuse to allow commonly accepted levels of delay for mistakes, defective material indicative workmanship. 3. Eliminate the need for and dependence upon mass inspection. 4. Reduce the number of suppliers. Buy on statistical evidence, not price. 5. Search continually for problems in the system and seek ways to improve it. 6. Linguists modern methods of training, using statistics. 7. Focus supervision on helping people to do a better job. Provide the tools and techniques for people to have pride of workmanship. Eliminate fear, Encourage two-way communications. 9. Break down barriers between departments. Encourage problem solving through team work. 10. Eliminate the use of numerical goals, slogans, and posters for the work force. 1 1 . Use statistical methods for continuing improvement of quality and productivity indeterminate all standards prescribing numerical quotas. 12. Remove barriers to pride of workmanship.

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