Audit Of Regional Airline Aer Arann Tourism

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An external selling audit seeks to place factors outside the company that can impact the company ‘s future programs for market keeping and/or enlargement ( Jobber, 2006 ) . Its constituents are the macro-environment, the market, and the competition ( Baines et al. , 2005 ) . Each of the constituents is discussed as follows.


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Elementss of the macro-environment are Economic, Socio-Cultural, Technological, Legal/Political, and Ecological ( Baines et al. , 2008 ) . Economically, the current fiscal downswings experienced by American and European economic systems spell problem for the air hose industry, since excess gross is straight related to air travel volume as discussed is the AerArann instance survey. On the other manus, since AER ARANN ‘s niche market is composed of travelers on tight budgets, the prevailing crisis may enable the company to capture upper-end consumers who are seeking cheaper options. The industry is besides affected by other economic factors, such as the exchange rate and the monetary value of oil. Socio-culturally, the greater exchange of civilization among European states and between European states and other states because of globalization is doing regional and international travel more of a necessity. It is no longer unheard off to organize big regional/international conventions yearly, and the legion administrations that conduct such conventions can give the air hose industry concern all twelvemonth unit of ammunition. On the other manus, frights or terrorist act brought about by incidents such as the London bombardments and the September 11 onslaughts in the U.S. , every bit good as wellness panics created by the outgrowth of extremely contagious diseases such as SARS, can impact the air hose industry negatively. In footings of the proficient component, the usage of the cyberspace and E-commerce for obtaining air hose tickets is altering the selling landscape drastically. Monetary values can be compared more easy, and tickets can be booked at a chink of the mouse. Technological developments besides usher the coming of practical conferences, which can give consumers a much more low-cost alternate to taking a plane to go to a corporate meeting. This may be peculiarly bad for AER ARANN, since most of its riders travel for concern intents. Legally, the instance survey discussed that the international industry in peculiar is affected by authorities policies and activities. With the European Union advancing an “ unfastened skies policy, ” AerArann is free to spread out operations to other EU member provinces. However at the same clip, air hose companies in other EU member provinces can besides vie with AerArann in its niche markets. Last but non the least, the ecological concerns about C emanations by aeroplanes is going more and more widespread, with many groups send oning the thought that siting aeroplanes is lending significantly to climate alteration ( Lynes & A ; Dredge, 2006 ) .

The Market

Harmonizing to a survey on air travel growing during the last decennaries, European air travel activity is expected to lift by 5 % over the following old ages, which translates to over 150 million more riders ( Dixit et al. , 2006 ) . This is less than the planetary norm, but is however considerable ( Dixit et al. , 2006 ) . The chance of capturing a new market of over 150 million riders is extremely appealing. Further analysis shows that more people will go on to go for concern intents instead than leisure, but the demographics of travelers is clearly diversifying, with younger travelers increasing in figure ( Dixit et al. , 2006 ) . In another survey, it was found that the typical European traveler holds a assortment of considerations important in make up one’s minding what air hose to choose. These in order are safety, monetary value, convenience, promptitude, and staff service ( Oyewole & A ; Choudhury, 2006 ) . These considerations are in line with AER ARANN ‘s mission statement of supplying “ safe, dependable, efficient and friendly regional air service. ”

The Competition

The instance survey identified several rivals of AER ARANN. It has rivals such as Loganair which has a tie-up with British Air passages, enabling it to tap the larger air hose ‘s client base. Loganair has many paths similar to AerArann from Ireland to Scotland. In footings of monetary value, Ryanair is AER ARANN ‘s fiercest rival. Ryanair competes with AerArann for the same market, but Ryanair is able to offer more competitory monetary values at the cost of lesser services. That is, Ryanair is able to cut down costs by break uping many of the amenitiess that are normally afforded to riders, such as in-flight repasts and complimentary drinks. It does non offer frequent circular programmes and offers merely one category of flight adjustments. This focal point on monetary value fight has been really effectual, as Ryanair has been able to coerce AerArann to cut down its day-to-day figure of flights on peculiar paths. AerArann besides faces competition from other manners of travel across districts in Europe, which include railroads, coachs, ferries, and route trips. Traveling by air is of class much faster. However, the other manners are much less expensive and necessitate far less formalities such as traveling through security cheques.

2. SWOT Analysis

A SWOT analysis identifies a company ‘s strengths and failings, the

chances available to it and the menaces that it faces ( Baines et al. , 2005 ) .


AER ARANN ‘s strengths include its big size, its fiscal success and its trade name value. Having a big fleet enables the air hose to set its figure of flights easy harmonizing to market conditions. The company can take advantage of sudden roars, and loosen up its operations during withdrawing seasons handily since some finishs are extremely seasonal. The exceeding fiscal success that the company has experienced in the old old ages, peculiarly a turnover rate of over a‚¬94 million and profit addition of up to a‚¬7.6 million, topographic points it in a good place to spread out, every bit good as leting it the resiliency to take losingss and maintain militias. The air hose can take deliberate hazards cognizing that it will be able to manage the effects from a fiscal angle. Third, the air hose ‘s long history has enabled it to set up its name in the market, both for concern and leisure travelers. Its unmarred history maintains trade name solidness. Furthermore, its publication of its public presentation records steadfastly associates it with the values of transparence and quality.


The regional air hose ‘s chief failing is its monetary value. Experience has shown that in order for it to maintain its service quality, it has to keep monetary values that are vanquishable by its rivals. Another failing of the air hose is its deficiency of linkages with other larger air hoses forestalling it from distributing hazard and tapping into new markets/routes. Establishing such webs is critical to farther development and enlargement.


One of the major chances for AerArann is the go oning development of freer air passages, which may enable it to tap into more markets in the European Union. Second, the air hose can capitalize upon the short draw market functioning leisure travelers, a market which is devoid of rivals ie Easy jet and besides can augment its current scheme in the concern market through agencies of distinction Internet Explorer excess in flight services. Another chance is the expected alterations in the European air hose industry, which include the dramatic addition of low-priced bearers ‘ market portion due to the economic crisis.


Menaces to the air hose company include farther pricing fight from rivals such as Ryanair. As such challengers continue to prosecute offering lower and lower rates ; AerArann must happen a manner to vie lest it be wholly beaten. Another group of menaces are the looming socio-cultural and ecological concerns against travel by air. AerArann must happen a manner to more solidly guarantee its consumers that going utilizing its service is safe, both for them and the environment. Third, the competition for paths remains ferocious. Loganair may go on to keep a chokehold or consolidate its stance on certain finishs including Dublin to Knock. With the backup of the British Airways, Loganair in add-on to other air hoses ie Ryanair continues to supply a touchable menace.

3. Evaluation of Future Strategic Marketing Options

Future strategic selling options for AerArann include either go oning to

set up itself as a balanced quality/price air hose, or more sharply send oning itself

as a monetary value competitory service. Making the latter can assist AerArann vie with

companies such as Ryanair, but it would besides put on the line losing its already established market of

mid-level circulars. Another strategic selling option for AerArann is establishing separate

selling runs to turn to terrorist and environmental frights of consumers.

However, while chase awaying consumer frights in both these countries will be good to the

air hose industry in general, its value to AerArann itself is unknown. AerArann may stop up

disbursement resources merely to bolster the gross revenues of its challenger air hoses. Based on these options, the

class of action that this study recommends for AerArann is for the company to prosecute a

more aggressive selling run to court low budget markets, but to make so while

keeping its balanced quality/price trade name. That is, the company can establish a new

trade name of service that can suit low budget consumers, while still holding its chief trade name to

cater to its bing frequenters. This manner, bing frequenters are non alienated by the new

trade name, while there is the possibility that low-budget consumers would tie in the new,

more low-cost trade name with the well established AerArann trade name that is known for its

quality, and hence choice AerArann ‘s economic system trade name over other air hoses that offer

similar monetary values. In footings of establishing runs against frights of air travel, this study

recommends that AerArann signifier confederations with its air hose rivals in establishing such

runs, in order for them to be able to protect their corporate market portion from other

regional travel options. This would distribute the fiscal load of establishing a

run across all concerned parties and non merely AerArann.

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