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Background Material for a Reporter

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Scenario You have been asked to prepare background material for a Reporter who is planning a new feature article. The reporter wants to focus on two contrasting business organizations with a presence in your local area, and has asked you for information on them, covering their purpose, ownership and the roles of different stakeholders. Task 1 You need to select two local organizations for your research. One should be a small organization in the private sector- (Marks & Spence’s). Your large organization should be in the public sector (Shell).

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Background Material for a Reporter
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These two organizations must have a presence in your local area, although this could just be a branch (or shop or office) of your larger organization. Your are required to describe each business according to the following: Type: Does it belong to the public, private or not-for profit (voluntary) sector? Is it local, national, or international? What about its business activities: does it belong in the primary, secondary or tertiary sector? Purposes: What are its business purposes, in terms of products and services, and how does the business interact with its customers?

Ownership: Describe the type of the business’s ownership, and the implications of this for the way it does business.

This provides evidence for Pl Task 2 Every business has several stakeholders who influence its operations in different ways and to varying degrees. For both your businesses, identify and describe the different stakeholder groups and their influences. Consider customers, employees, suppliers, owners, trade unions, employer associations, local and national communities, and governments.

You may present the results of your research in the form of a table or chart if this appropriate. This provides evidence for UP Task 3 Individual stakeholders (or stakeholder groups) have different points of view bout the businesses in which they have an interest and the way they conduct their activities. They will want to influence the aims and objectives of the organization. You need to write a written report explaining the different points of view of the stakeholders in your two organizations.

This provides evidence for MI Task 4 Now concentrate on just one of your chosen businesses. Carry out an evaluation of the nature and degree of the influence exerted by different stakeholders in that organization. You will need to use evidence from different sources. You will have to make judgments about the relative importance of different stakeholders in terms of the nature and degree of the influence they exert. When you have completed your report, you must submit it to your teacher.

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