Basic Elements of a Marketing Strategy

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What are the different steps in the direct and indirect approaches to marketing budgeting? 5 . What do you mean by media scheduling? Explain the procedure for evaluating advertising program’s with the help of suitable examples. 6 . Define sales promotion and discuss the different elements of promotion-mix with the help of suitable examples. 7 . Discuss the marketing plan for a consumer product of your choice and briefly explain the marketing planning process. 8 . Write short notes on any three of the following a) b) c) d) e) Relative Market Potential Competitive Parity Analysis

Basic Elements of a Marketing Strategy Product Life Cycle Market Segmentation Assign meet B Please read the case study given below and answer questions given at the end. CASE STUDY Market Segmentation?Man’s Fairness The male fairness segment industry is pitched at around RSI. 250 core and the industry is growing at a scorching 150 percent per year. The industry evidently has woken up to the fact that the metro-sexual and has a large appetite for beauty (the industry expression is “male grooming”) products, particularly driven by a desire to look as fair as the fairer SEX.

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BBC Company recently launched ‘GROOM PLUS’ the first men’s fairness cream and claims that the market feedback is highly positive and encouraging. It is now planning an extension of “GROOM PLUS” to products like bleaches, shaving creams, Lotions etc. Hitherto men used fairness cream ‘bleach that were available in parlous packs. Subsequent research showed that men prefer bleach of their own with its own fragrance and specific skin type formulations, especially branded ones. Suggest bases for segmentation of market for Groom Plus products 2. Discuss the importance of packaging in marketing of the above Product range. Suggest a suitable Promotion-Mix for creating awareness of the above range of products. Assign meet C Question No. 1 Marks – 10 The selling concept focuses on Options Products Customer needs Markets None of the above market means The set of actual and potential sellers of a product The set of actual and potential buyers of a product Both buyers and sellers Question No. 4 Marketing-mix elements are – Product, Price, Place and customers Product, Price, Place and Promotion Product, Price, Place and Physical Distribution Both (b) and (c) Question No. 5 Diversification means –

A strategy for company growth by starting up or acquiring businesses outside the company’s current products and markets. A stage for company growth and starting up or acquiring other companies and their products A unit which deals in many products and services Question No. 6 SUB stands for State Bank of Utterance Strategic Business Unit Semi Brand Units Question No. 7 Market segmentation is The process of classifying customers’ intro groups, each with different needs, characteristics or behaviors. The process of classifying the markets into groups, each with same needs and characteristics

The process of making the dealers and distributors happy about the products Question No. 8 Marks 10 Strategic control means – A critical review of the company’s overall production effectiveness A critical review of the company’s overall financial effectiveness A critical review of the company’s overall marketing effectiveness Question No. 9 Changes in income is – An economic environment factor A political environment factor A socio-cultural environ meet factor Question No. 10 Status is – The general life-style given by the society The general esteem given to a role by society The symbol in the market question No. The first step in strategic planning is Defining the company mission Designing the marketing programs Designing the Business Portfolio Question No. 12 The ACS in the marketing-mix tactical tool kit are – Customer, cost, convenience and curve Customer, cost, convenience and coverage Customer, cost, convenience and communication Question No. 13 Promotion-mix elements are Price, advertising, publicity and sales promotion Advertising, personal selling, sales promotion and publicity Personal selling, strategy, advertising and publicity Both (a) and (c) Question No.

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