Be Thankful for What You Got Essay

She wakes up in an alley covered in snow, I wake up at the same time looking out my window and then thinking my day is ruined cause it has been snowing , She wakes up every morning struggling to get something to eat I wake up every morning fighting about eating breakfast - Be Thankful for What You Got Essay introduction. She sees the bus passing by and she wish she was on that bus on her way to school. I wake up every morning with stress about school going to school. She is cold with her pair food in the snow. I complain that I do not have anything to wear. Shes a girl in Moskva living on the street and would do anything to leave the life I live.

Im I girl with almost everything and nothing thankful for the good life I have. You gotta appreciate all the good things you got in life because when their gone you start to realize have good they were. “Enjoy the little things in life, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things. You gotta appreciate all the good things you Got in life because when ther gone you staret to reaize have good they were. Last week my left ear got plugged up and it was difficult for me to hear out of it for about 48 hours. It was scary and challenging.

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Be Thankful for What You Got
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Thankfully everything was okay, it’s all clear now, and I’m able to hear just fine out of both ears. Having this happen was yet another example of how easy it is for me to take something simple, but very important (like hearing), for granted. Sadly, we often don’t appreciate the simple things in life until they’re threatened, impacted, or taken away from us in some way. What if we did appreciate the simple things all the time, in an authentic way? What kind of an impact would that have on our lives, our work, and our relationships?

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