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The Differences Between Sports Cars

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There are many sport cars around the $30,000 price tag to choose from but the two most popular ones to purchase from would have to be the Nissan 370z and the Ford Mustang GT. In order to find which car would be best suited for someone’s specific needs, a comparison will have to be done based on performance, practicality, ergonomics, and cost. The Nissan 370z comes with a 3. 7L V6 engine making 332 horsepower while the Mustang is equipped with a 5. 0L V8 engine producing 412 horsepower.

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The Differences Between Sports Cars
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Despite the difference in horsepower, both cars still reach 60 mph in just under five seconds. The Mustang has six gears while the 370z has seven which can improve performance. For handling, the 370z can take corners faster and has a shorter turning radius. The 370z’s suspension is more precise and tight than the Mustang’s soft suspension due to the Mustangs’ live rear axle. Overall, the Nissan 370z wins in performance. Moving on to practicality, the Nissan only offers two seats while the Ford has a backseat.

The Mustangs cabin is much quieter than the 370z even on the highway. Also the Mustang has bigger cargo space than the 370z. The Mustangs folding rear seat can offer more room than the 370z. For everyday driving, the Ford Mustang would be a better choice. For ergonomics, the 370z comes standard with leather interior while the Mustang does not. The audio system on the Nissan is also noticeably better. The seats on the Mustang offer more support and more comfortable than the 370z’s seats. The 370z’s cabin is finished with a much higher standard the Mustang.

The interior of the Nissan has high quality trimmings compared to the Mustangs cheap plastic feel. The level of comfort is much higher in the Nissan compared to the Ford. The overall cost of the two cars is relatively the same. The Nissan gets 18 mpg in the city while the Ford gets 17 mpg. The basic warranty miles on the two cars are 36,000 miles and both warranties last up to three years. For the amount of time both cars have out, the Nissan has had fewer reported mechanical problems than the Ford.

Overall cost of the two cars is about the same. The Nissan Z line and the Ford Mustang line are both iconic cars in the auto industry. They have stood the test of time and have remained successful. Choosing one car over the other will have to come down to your lifestyle. If you’re looking to for a car to transport people and items and still enjoy it, the Ford Mustang GT would be a wise choice. On the other hand, the Nissan 370z is built upon speed and handling and everything else comes second.

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