Breast Feeding vs Bottle Feeding

Many Moms’ have questioned what’s best for their child, breast or bottle feeding? Breast feeding goes back to biblical times. The bible mentions breast feeding in several passages.

Most mammals feed their young this way. Studies have shown that infants, who were breast fed gain weight better, are smarter and healthier. Researchers have found that breast fed infants were much calmer than their peers who weren’t breast fed. It allows for more bonding time between mother and baby.

I feel it’s one of the best ways for infants to get nourishment.
Breast feeding benefits the baby as well as the mother? It helps the Mom lose weight after pregnancy. Women who breast fed their infants cut down on their chances of getting many illnesses like diabetes, breast cancer and heart disease. Even years after breast feeding many women were still reaping the benefits of the gift they gave their children by breast feeding.
Some people believe formula is just as good as breast milk, but I disagree.

Some of the ingredients in baby formula aren’t necessary. Formula is massed produced and some are made with vegetable oil and animal casein. Some of the formula could get contaminated by the machine and millions of babies could get sick.
Although experts believe breast milk is the best nutritional choice for infants, breastfeeding isn’t always possible for all women. In a few cases, some Mom’s can’t breast feed due to illness like tuberculosis and HIV. Some medications pass right through the mothers system and it would be harmful to the baby. Some women can’t produce milk or they have plugged milk ducts.

Some women can’t breast feed due to short maternity leave and the stress of working. Certain breast cancers and surgeries may make it almost impossible for women to breast feed. For Mom’s who want their babies to have breast milk and can’t produce you can go to a milk bank. Milk banks are run very similar to a blood bank. The mother and milk are screened for various.

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