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Bottle rocket report

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Challenge To design and build a pop bottle rocket to fly as far as possible. Research Pop bottle rockets are used for the study of aeronautics all over north America. Water rockets are used in schools to help students understand the principles of aeronautics. The Science provides challenges of bottle rocket design and flight, including altitudes and distances reached. A model rocket has four components of flight to it aerodynamics, weight, thrust, lift and drag.

Water rockets have been a source of entertainment and education for many years.

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Bottle rocket report
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They are usually made with n empty two-litter plastic soda bottle by adding water and pressuring it with air for launching. Before the launch the bottle is filled with some amount of water, which acts as a propellant for the launch and thrust for the rocket. Since water is about 100 times heavier than air, the expelled water produces more thrust than compressed air alone. He pressure in the body is equal to the pressure produced by the pump.

The fins are attached to the body increase stability(best if the fins are near the bottom). To many or non-aerodynamic fins can create a lot of drag and really hold back your octet from flying at its maximum distance. Also weight in the nose cone helps to keep the rocket in a straight path to its destination, instead of flying to high in the air or not going in its straight course of flight.

Design At first my designs were to get as much to and rare or a real rocket as possible. But after researching I thought of more aerodynamic looks to my rocket to help it fly in a straighter path with as least drag as possible. My optimal solution was to build a rocket that looked like a rocket but was as aerodynamic and had the least drag as possible. I chose this solution because I knew that my rocket had to be as aerodynamic as possible, also that it had to create the least drag as possible, and the most lift.

I wanted my rocket to be like a real rocket because I thought that it would be the best because real rockets are designed by real engineers in the real world sending people into space. My design is three small wing at the bottom of the bottle with a long nose cone. I liked my design because it was very aerodynamic and did not cause much drag. Although my design could have been better with a less flimsy bottle rocket report By Kathy-Trembler

Bill of Materials 1) 2 litter pop bottle 2) Card stock 3) Bristol board paper 4) Scissors 5) Hot glue 6) Monster tape 7) Golf ball 8) Water 9) Paint(if needed) Manufacturing First you will need to get all of your materials out, secondly you will need to cut out your wings(look to drawing for measurements), thirdly you will need to role a piece of paper into a cone and tape along the seems to secure it, frostily you will need to cut the nosecone to size (as shown on drawing), fifthly you will need to make the bottle into fourths to know where to put the wings, sixthly you will need to fill your bottle tit water so that the to glue does not burn or melt the bottle, seventeen you till need to attach the wings to the bottle with the hot glue as shown on the drawing, eighty you will need to glue the nose cone to the bottle with the hot glue as shown in the drawing, and finally empty the water and your rocket is ready to fly. You can paint the rocket if you want to I painted it orange.

Analysis My first design of the rocket was three small wings at the bottom of the rocket with a short nose cone, I didn’t think that it would work the greatest so I designed a new rocket with larger fins and about the same size nose cone. After testing that rocket I realized it wasn’t the greatest aerodynamics so I decided to come up with a third and final design like rocket one. It has small fins moved up a bit higher and a much longer nose cone. The reason I didn’t follow my second design the rocket design was because it didn’t fly very far at all. When I changed my design the rocket flew furthers but the one thing I would change is the weight in the front. I would add more weight in the front of my rocket to give it a better flight path instead of going up in the air. He front end weight would keep the rocket from thrusting in the air and make the tat more straight. If I got the chance to Reese this project I would not change the specifications of my design, but Just add more weight to the front. I would rate my rocket an 8 out of 10 this is because it was a great rocket and perfumed k. The only this that would have changed my distance is to add more weight and that is what I meters. The reason was because of the weight of the front of my rocket and I’m sure if we did the launch ageing with more weight it would ago lot further. In conclusion I am happy with my rockets design but not fully with its flight.

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