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British relations with american colonies

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Britain’s relations with the American colonies was destined to collapse, since the British lacked much respect for the colonies and the unequal mistreatment. During the French and Indian war their relationship altered drastically politically, economically, and ideologically. This war would soon lead to the American colonies revolting against Britain.

Since the start of the war the Americans were eager to help Britain in winning the war, the Americans believed by doing this they would get respect from Britain and more land, unfortunately they would get neither.

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British relations with american colonies
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Eager to help the British, George Washington writes to Robert Orme “ I wish earnestly to attain some knowledge of the military profession…..under a gentleman of General Braddock’s abilities and experience(doc1).” George Washington is asking for Braddock’s help to teach him military techniques to help win the war, perhaps more enthused in winning the war than the British are. All the American colonies want is to be treated like a British soldier so they can both be victorious.

For the harsh winter American soldiers needed liquors and clothes but yet again they are mistreated “ not likely to get liquors or clothes at this time of the year; and though we are Englishmen born, we are debarred Englishmen’s liberty(doc2).” They are being treated as if they are beneath the English not getting the same military treatment, even though they are fighting the same war. This mistreatment and lack of respect is the beginning ideological problems between Britain and the Americans.

After the war is over and the Americans are victorious, the Americans are happier then ever, they have proved their importance to England and worked together to defeat France, also their economy is flourishing. They also are extremely excited to move their lands further west. But in England’s perspective Americans lacked respect and weren’t loyal. They believe the Americans trade “ is consisted of neglect, plotting, fraud, and is diverted from its natural source(doc4).” The English believe they need more revenue from the colonies and it should be controlled under British Military forces, this would arise more tension between the colonists and Britain.

Soon after this England would release the Royal Proclamation of 1763, which states no American colonists can go west past the Appalachian Mountains all the way to the Mississippi River. This enraged the colonists, the land they shed blood and died for is now being taken from them. The Americans feel they have fought the war for nothing and their plans for moving west are ruined. This devastates the colonists and political tensions between the colonists and Britain are now worse than ever.

From the debt from the war Britain feels they need more money from the colonies, so they enforce their first direct tax of American colonists, called the Stamp act. Taxing every piece of paper and legal documents the colonists use. This enrages Americans, after all they’ve done for Britain this is how they repay them, by taxing them and restricting them from they’re own land they shed blood for. But Instead of acting in a drastic matter they repeal the stamp act saying “ that as the profit of the trade of these colonies ultimately center in Great Britain… they eventually contribute to the crown (doc5).” Now economic tensions have occurred, the British want more and as the Americans become more free they want to give less. Soon more acts will occur such as the town-shed acts, the tea act and the intolerable acts. This leading to more revolts such as the Boston tea party and Boston massacre. All of these disputes and tensions from the French and Indian war will soon explode causing an American Revolution.

The French and Indian War altered political, economic, and ideological relations with Britain and the American colonies forever. The tensions and mistreatments from the British through the French and Indian War will lead to the final turning point and inevitable revolution.

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