Business Culture of Indonesia Sample

Religion and civilization:-Most Indonesian business communities are Chinese and largely non-Muslim. -Many are Christians but because Indonesia is dominated by Muslims. it could be violative and impolite to eat during the fasting hours of Ramadan. -Superstitions: There are many superstitious notions in Indonesia due to the folklores and belief in Black Magic. One such superstitious notion is to avoid doing payments at dark as it is believed that it may take to bankruptcy of concern failure. Physical and spacial distances

-Males and females should non hold any physical contact in public except a handshaking. Greeting protocol:-Greeting should be done in a formal and respectful manner with a handshaking and “selamat ( word of recognizing ) ” and many follow the Muslim civilization as to put their manus over their bosom after the handshaking or to bow somewhat. -Statuses and age is of import and salutations should be directed at the most senior individual foremost. -Some do non hold family names ( single-worded names ) because during the anti-Chinese period somewhat after the Suharto reign. many with Chinese family names were attacked or discriminated therefore they either follow a native family name or merely drop theirs. Gift-giving to

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-Chinese:-Do non give crisp points or an umbrella which seems to mean severance of relationships. -Wrap nicely with ruddy and gilded paper for propitiousness.-For concern trades affecting a batch of money or long-run partnership. immense gifts such as autos and telecasting sets would be considered appropriate. -It is polite to worsen a gift one time. before accepting it so as non to look greedy. -Muslims:

-Do non offer intoxicant and leather merchandises.-Food offered should be Halal.-Offer gifts with right-hand merely as the left-hand is considered dirty. Seasonableness:-Indonesians are non excessively concerned about promptness and prefer their meetings to be in a more relaxed-mode. They do non wish to be hurried or rushed. However. you should be on-time. Relationship edifice:

-Indonesians believe in relationship-building and this is done by prosecuting in activities like golfing or plunging together. -Gift-giving and returning of gifts

Culture:-diplomatic in general therefore one should non coerce upon them if they shows intimations of edginess through facial looks or manus gestures. -rude to act raucously in public after imbibing or telling a porc dish in a Halal eating house.


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