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Final Business Model and Strategic Plan
May 4, 2015
Maria Rutledge
Final Business Model and Strategic Plan
Executive Summary
Delivering and offering furniture is a $12 billion industry. The center of the business is on the well-to-do client who can spend upwards to $3,000 on furniture buys. There are dependable furniture stores that are seeking the clients with profound pockets. Those clients who can’t bear the cost of these high costs are left with a poor determination of sub-par items.
In the Marshfield range, there are nearly 50,000 occupants with humble livelihoods that don’t have a furniture store that indulges their requirements for moderate quality furniture.

This salary demographic has developed enormously in the course of recent years yet has not been reacted to by the zone furniture stores. Focusing on clients with unobtrusive wages is great business. They are relied upon to make up 50% of metro populace by 2020- -making them the quickest developing portion of the city’s lodging business sector.
As the Marshfield region restores, Furniture For You will offer altered, prepared to-complete furniture that is hand made and shockingly reasonable.

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Business Plan
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We offer:
• Truly Custom Furniture: A finished furniture piece that is created for the client. We’ll redo any piece or make an entire new piece from a client’s unpleasant representation.
• Heirloom Quality Furniture: The furniture is made to keep going for eras. It’s hand created, so every piece is novel.
• Handmade from Quality Woods: an expert specialist makes each piece from the finest woods accessible. Each bit of wood is checked for grain and composition before its utilized.
The following paper will clarify the significance of Furniture for You’s vision, mission statement, and values in deciding the organization’s key course. The following will be their main focus:
Furniture For You, items or administrations, and clients.
Furniture For You vision for the association that…

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