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California and Drought Indicators



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    California is a state that has gone through many years of being in drought. Several people have different opinions and perspectives about the droughts that have occurred, there is many people and things being blamed. There are different reasons that caused the state of California to go into drought, some of those reasons are things people can’t control and the others are things we as humans can control and make better. My perspective on water has not really changed during the recent droughts in California because although it affects me and can get to a point that affects all of us even worse, it isn’t something I worry about too much for the reason of me believing that the droughts can’t get any worse then they already have been, we have new technology to help us to prevent any new droughts or from them getting any worse. Another reason that I do not worry about it too much is because I know that more people are aware of us being in drought and the problems it can cause in our lives, there is much more people helping to prevent droughts either in small or big ways.

    Technology has had many new improvements throughout the years with new ideas from several people. These new improvements have helped to fix the problems of droughts, it has relieved many people from the lack of skills some people may have, which causes them to not be able to fix drought problems. These new helps from technology make me worry less about drought in California to occur again. The economy suffers as a result of droughts with increases in the cost of food, producing crops and livestock. Ecosystem effects of drought can be seen with changes in migration patterns, lower quality of water and soil erosion being increased. There are four parts to the plan which are prediction, monitoring and assessment then mitigation. Some of the technology used for droughts is monitoring. Monitoring has been done through establishment of triggers and indicators in the ground. This usually is a variation of mild, moderate, severe or extreme. Drought indicators are observation based. This includes data from rain gauges, climate patterns and changes, data from crops, use of land information and satellites.

    The awareness of people make everything so much better, people can inform other people and so on. People can contribute to helping prevent any more droughts and lessen them. People can do little things by turning off water when not in use, or taking shorter showers, as well as hosing plants after 8 pm. They can also contribute in bigger ways, like creating new inventions or helping improve technology, as well as making big projects to help save water. Saving water is very important, it helps preserve our environment,reducing our use of water makes the energy we use less required to the process and to deliver it to homes, businesses, farms, etc. which also helps to reduce pollution and also helps us conserve fuel use. Water is necessary for everything in the human life. Water is not a limitless resource, most in particular the clean water we humans use.

    Without efforts of conservation, this supply of water may not have a point to be done. We all need to do our part to save ourselves and solve the problems of the drought. From saving water by changing our habits, to going toward water efficiency statewide. We also need to promote the best solutions for big problems like global warming so this huge drought doesn’t become the new normal. More ways that we can help to save water is by, only using washing machines when we have a lot of clothes to wash, running the dishwasher only when there is a lot of dishes, and also when we wash dishes by hand, turning the water off when we aren’t using the water. Also you can install a aerator on your bathroom, kitchen or any faucet to reduce the flow of water to using one gallon each minute.

    A drought is something that nobody wants, droughts may affect the environment in many ways. Plants and animals depend on water, just like people. When a drought occurs, their food supply can get way smaller and their habitat can be damaged in several and bad ways. Everything in the environment is connected one way or another. Water is such an important part of so many of our daily life activities and everyday lifes.Water is also used to help make the electricity we use to run the lights of our houses and all the technology we use nowadays.much more electricity things. When we don’t have enough water for these types of activities because of a drought, many people and many different things may be affected in many different ways.

    In conclusion, I believe that water is a very important factor in everyone’s life, every living things life. Without water we would be nothing, more than half the world is filled with water. Water is used for about almost everything, to drink, clean things, shower, create electricity, make food, and so much more. I believe everyone should keep contributing until we get the whole world to help out to stop droughts. We may not be able to change the natural causes of droughts but we can sure fix the problems we as humans cause to make droughts. Droughts should not be a “normal” thing in our country, it should be fixed and turn into something that hasn’t happened in a long time.

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