Drought in Manipur

Drought means the acute dryness resulting from the failure of rain. When there is a failure of rain drought occurs and a dry of alarm sweeps over the country. This in turn affects the geographical area of the particular state or country mostly upon the farmers in their Paddy cultivations. We may say that Drought is deadlier than flood or cyclone. Failure of rain gives rise to drought. Failure of rain is due to the following reasons. In Manipur, India, rain depends on the wind, called monsoon, as there is no better irrigation prevailing. When monsoon breaks, rain occurs.

But monsoon by nature quite uncertain, some year it comes too early, some year it comes too late. Some year it carries plenty of water. Some year it carries very little of rain. Here we may recall the year, 2012 in the month of July Manipur state was hit by a fearsome drought resulting in facing many hardship by the farmers in cultivation. A forest, by nature, has the power to pull down the clouds from the sky. But forests are nowadays thinned away, mostly in the Hill areas for their own benefits. Consequently, as many trees have been cut down they lose the power of drawing to clouds.

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So the rain fails. When the rain fails drought succeeds. Manipur is a part of India. Paddy Cultivation in Manipur is a primitive occupation followed by many farmers till today. Some of them even make it as their daily waging. Above all, the farmers totally depend on monsoon of the year. When there is a timely monsoon breaks they are able to cultivate in time and if not they would cultivate in off seasons depending on the monsoon. In this, we may mention those years in 2009 and the latest in 2012, where Manipur was hit by Drought.

Many farmers face many hardships in Paddy cultivation during these two years. This was the second time Manipur have experienced a Drought. It was found that the rainfall during the current calendar year has been 63 percent of the normal rainfall leading to drought like situation, but it was found to be much higher than in 2009, when the rainfall was only 43 percent of the normal rainfall and drought was declared. It may be mentioned that the total annual rainfall was only 544. 5 mm deficit of 313. 2 mm from the normal rainfall that was in the year 2012.

Where most of the paddy fields in the state during the year were without water and they could not bear the fruits due to insufficiency of rainfall To overcome such experienced in the coming year’s . The Manipur state cabinet in the year, 2012, has reviewed the prevailing rainfall condition in the state and the status of sowing in the paddy fields across the state. The state Cabinet did have a firsthand assessment of situation on the ground by forming special teams to visit various valley districts inside the state where the rainfall conditions were much worse and sowing less than 65 percent.

The Minor Irrigation Department was also instructed to improve the functioning of all River Lift Irrigation Schemes so as to improve the irrigation scenario in the state. . Prevention is better than cure. We of course cannot prevent the force of drought. But we can certainly make provisions against it by like instructing to improve the functioning of all River Lift Irrigation Schemes so as to improve the irrigation scenario in the state to the concern department that would be The Minor Irrigation Department.

And at last but not the least, we should stop cutting down of trees as it is the only natural resource that keeps in cycle of rainfalls. We keep in reserve a large stock of food and fodder. We can sink for us a large number of water-pipes. Our farmer can grow the greens, which need a small amount of water. It is an age of advanced science. Hence, at present it is quite possible to protect and artificial rain over the drought-affected area. By this we can save our beautiful state Manipur (ima-Sanaleibak) from droughts.

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