“Casablanca” by Epstein Brothers

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Casablanca The Epstein brothers created Casablanca, a romantic adventure, like no other of its time. There are few movies that are loved by men and women alike. Casablanca is one such movie. It successfully combines action, adventure, love and romance into a film loved by all.

What makes this film a favorite of women? Lets take a closer look at the film and find out. Casablanca is set in the exotic land of Morocco where refuges wait for passage to America, the Promised Land. In a popular American caf, Rick, the caf owner, hides from the memories of a lost love. Rick is a mysterious, masculine hero who hides behind a hard outer shell but is really thoughtful and unpredictable. Rick soon runs into the girl he loves, Ilsa. Ilsa Lund is a beautiful woman who is torn between two lovers. Thus begins the tender love story that women cannot turn away from.

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Ilsa comes into Ricks club with her husband Victor Laszlo, a Czech freedom fighter wanted by the Germans. From the beginning, women love Rick far more than they love Victor because of his mysterious masculinity. Victor Laszlo is a hero yet, not nearly as loveable as Rick. Rick holds the only two letters of transit that can guarantee Victor and Ilsas escape. We are left wondering and waiting to see if Rick will do the right thing and give Ilsa the papers. Another important part of the movie that women love is the music. The song As Time Goes By is the song that belongs to the true lovers and is played over and over by Ricks devoted friend, Sam. Women enjoy the lasting relationship between Sam and Rick and the compassion of Sam for both Rick and Ilsa.

When Rick is forced with the decision of what to do with the letters of transit Rick speaks with Ilsa and Ilsa asks Rick to think for both of them and make the decision. In the end, Rick sacrifices himself for the happiness of Ilsa and Victor as well as the war against Germany. He risks his own life for others even though he is quoted as saying, I stick my neck out for nobody and, Im the only cause Im interested in. This is an endearing quality. Women want to be Ilsa, and dream of loving a man like Rick. Now to try and find out why such a romantic love story is a favorite of men. Men like action, adventure, corruption and sexy intrigue. The movie is filmed at a time of war. The main character is a cool and collected, suave owner of a Casablanca caf. The caf offers what every man dreams of: gambling, drinking, smoking, good music and beautiful women. Men love Ilsa for her sexy yet innocent appeal. She is a very emotional character and offsets Ricks stone-face. Ilsa is the perfect woman, a damsel in distress to be saved by the hero. Yet, she does not get in the way of the action and aggression of the film. There is action and adventure in almost every scene. The action begins with Ugarte when he is captured for killing the Germans to steal the letters of transit. There is male interest with the corruption of Captain Louis Renault. There is even action in the flashback scene when the Germans invade Paris. Action continues with the fight between Yvonnes new German boyfriend and the Frenchman at the bar and is broken up by Rick in his tough-guy fashion. Men even enjoy the fight for who can out-sing the other in the battle of the anthems. There is action all the way to the final scenes when Major Strasser is murdered at the airport. Casablanca is a tale that is loved for its appeal to men and women alike. It has all of the necessary ingredients, action, adventure, romance and mystery. It is a film that people will watch again and again and enjoy it each and everyWords/ Pages : 662 / 24

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