Catch In Rye And Life Of Pi English Literature

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The Catcher in the Rye and Yann Martel ‘s Life of Pi both characters have non to the full frown up, although Pi is much more mature than Holden Caulfield, They both have non found that arrant repose that makes them experience complete. Holden looks for this through mercenary things such as money, intoxicant and sex while Pi desires to understand the entirety of who God truly is.

The first subject

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I would wish to discourse is decease. Death is the expiration of person or something. The decease in person can do a batch of hurting, agony and a alteration in the manner person acts, Pi ‘s household dies in the shipwreck. This made him experience truly lonely that ‘s why he anthropomorphized each animate being to suit the function of the members of his household that manner he did n’t experience like they were wholly gone. In Catcher in the Rye it is the decease of his brother which fuels his desire to salvage kids from turning up and going corrupt. Holden uses his brother as a theoretical account for artlessness. His brother that died he had a immense function on him it causes him to ramp all the clip he smashed out Windowss of a garage, interrupting his manus in the procedure. Bing in the infirmary after this event caused his to lose the funeral which adds more hurting. He thinks about his brother continuously throughout the book and has a baseball mitt and ruddy chapeau to retrieve him by.

The 2nd subject

I would wish to discourse is faith. Faith is the confident belief or trust in the trustiness of a individual, construct or thing. Pi has so much religion in God while Holden has so small religion in humanity. Pi, while stranded in the ocean had faith in God and had religion he was traveling to be found. Without religion, Pi ‘s destiny would hold been really interesting and non the same as it ended. While Pi is in the lifeboat, Martel barely of all time describes him believing about God.

The first reference is in chapter 53.A Pi is hopeless, and confronting the realisation that he will most likely die.A But so a voice in his caput says that he will last, he will non decease, “ every bit long as God is with me, I will non decease. Amen ( Martel, pg. 231 ) . “ A This resolves him, and he starts be aftering for endurance, alternatively of moping or huddling in fright. His religion helped him to make that surrogate reality.A He was prone to believing great narratives, based on religion, and that helped him to believe his own.

A He besides prayed every twenty-four hours on the raft, had a steadfast appreciation of what forgiveness meant, and did n’t experience entirely because of his faith.A It enabled him to do it through his ordeals without experiencing wholly entirely and abandon. On the other manus in The Catcher in the Rye, Holden has so small religion in humanity. Holden throughout the whole novel differs from society which consequences in his rebellious nature. Holden does non hold any friends and can non maintain relationships. This is because he finds and exaggerates the negative facets of all the people he knows or meets.

This can be seen when Holden can non maintain his relationship with his girlfriend Sally. He ca n’t pass on with anyone and feels that the lone individual he can even associate to is his sister Phoebe. Holden can non work as a normal portion of society because of his hatred towards all “ hypocrites ” , which he believes everyone to be, an illustration from the novel is, “ Even the twosome of nice instructors on the module, they were hypocrites, excessively, ” ( Martel, pg. 168 ) . Holden believes that these hypocrites are people who try to be something that they are non. Normally the grade of a hypocrite is the desire for material goods. This is because people normally want these ownerships in order to affect others and go something they are non.

He has his sister who is the merely positive counsel he listens to and on the other manus his older brother D.B. is a premier illustration of a hypocrite. This is because D.B. was a author, who became a dramatist in order to derive more public acknowledgment. But although Holden spends so much energy seeking for phoniness in others, he ne’er straight observes his ain phoniness. His misrepresentations are by and large unpointed and cruel and he notes that he is a compulsive prevaricator. For illustration, on the train to New York, he perpetrates a mean-spirited and gratuitous buffoonery on Mrs. Morrow who is the female parent of Ernest Morrow a pupil who attends Pencey homework with Holden. He tells her “ Old Ernie, ” I said. “ He ‘s one of the most popular male childs at Pencey. Did you know that? ” ( Martel, pg. 56 ) . Right after saying “ Her boy was uncertainty less the biggest asshole that of all time went to Pencey, in the whole crumby history of the school. He was ever traveling down the corridor, after he ‘d had a shower, snappish his boggy old moisture towel at people ‘s buttockss. ” That ‘s precisely the sort of a cat he was ” ( Martel, pg. 54 ) . Besides stating more prevarications to entertain his female parent and do her feel proud of her boy at the same clip diverting himself.

The 3rd subject I would wish to discourse is failure. Failure refers to the province of non run intoing a desirable or intended aim set by an person. In Life of Pi, Pi and his household failed to get down a new life to do it to Canada. Alternatively his parents died when the ship shank and his life put on clasp for 127 yearss on a lifeboat. Holden continually sets himself up for failure, and so wears it like a badge of bravery. He fails in every brush with other people in the book with the exclusion of Phoebe.

Why would he desire to neglect? Failure serves as a great eye-catching device. And possibly, more than anything, Holden wants attending from his parents, the absent characters in the book. What Holden truly longs for, most likely, is credence and love.

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