Ceremonial Speech During Garret’s Visit

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Garret’s Visit

I found Garret’s visit to be highly effective and advantageous for our class. His public speaking skills were outstanding. I have noticed a significant improvement in our class’s public speaking abilities since his first speech. It is truly remarkable that despite growing up with a severe stutter, he speaks so fluently and confidently. It is impressive how he rarely gets stuck while expressing himself.

I believe his job might be tedious because he has to deliver the same speeches repeatedly. Nonetheless, his story is remarkable and has likely influenced many individuals. What I appreciated was how he used his speech as a workshop, engaging with us to analyze what worked effectively and what didn’t. I admire him because he genuinely listens to our feedback and uses it to improve his future presentations. It’s interesting that he relies on writing out his speech word for word and doesn’t have much room for improvisation.

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In spite of his imperfect delivery, he effectively conveyed his message to us through informal conversation. We valued his relevant gestures and remained engaged by his humor. It is probable that a larger audience would relate to his stories and speeches. His smooth voice made it effortless to listen to him for an extended period without feeling like we were being lectured, a point he also emphasized.

He emphasized the importance of engaging with our audience rather than talking at them. Although his casual voice was a bit soft, he surprised us by speaking louder in his radio announcer voice. He told stories that were suitable for all ages and effectively connected with his audience. Moreover, he made an excellent point about building suspense. Instead of revealing everything at the start, he advised giving a brief synopsis and keeping some information undisclosed. After hearing him speak, I realized the need to improve my vocal range, preparation, and hand gestures. Additionally, I should enhance my ability to vividly describe scenes for my audience, as he did for us. This skill greatly aids in maintaining the audience’s attention and interest.

I strongly support this concept, particularly for speeches that last 8 minutes. The speaker’s assistance was extremely valuable as we witnessed a live demonstration of techniques to improve our own speaking abilities. Usually, we depend on observing our peers and classmates, hoping they perform well since our speeches are likely to be similar. Remarkably, he inspires each one of us by overcoming years of ridicule due to his speech impediment and achieving success as a public speaker.

The text expresses admiration for someone’s courageous actions and the importance of learning from them. It emphasizes that allowing fear to control us hinders personal growth. The text also highlights the significance of treating everyone with respect and inclusivity, as belonging is a universal human desire. It acknowledges that certain individuals were upset due to the person’s inability to communicate verbally. Overall, the experience was highly beneficial for the class and they found it enjoyable.

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