Character Analysis Of Anse Bundren Research

Character Analysis Of Anse Bundren Essay, Research Paper

Character Analysis of Anse Bundren

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Anse Bundren is an ugly old adult male. He is likely in his 1950ss or 1960ss. He is really ugly. He has awful position and a bulge in his dorsum. He looks like he ne’er shaves in a scraggly manner and his face is really wrinkly. It isn t sunburn because he ne’er spends much clip in the hot Sun. He has no dentition which is likely his most distinguishing characteristic. He used to be a tall adult male but even when he was immature, he was get downing to demo the marks of a bulge. Addie remarks on this in her chapter. She asked him if he had any womenfolks to do him stand up directly.

There is non much background about Anse s childhood or what it was like for him turning up but one can presume that his male parent and he portion some similar traits. By the clip he asked Addie to get married him, he was populating on his ain little farm entirely.

Anse has a diffident side to him. He drove by Addie s school learning occupation several times before he got up the bravery to speak to her. Apparently he went all out one time he did acquire the bravery and asked her to get married him the first clip they of all time spoke. He shied around this and did it subtly. When Addie asks him if he has any womenfolks, he says That s what I came to see you about.

When Anse was twenty three he got ill and passed out while sudating. Since so he has come to believe that if he of all time sweats once more he will decease. So hence, he gets by without making any difficult work. He Never sweats because that might be the decease of him. His neighbours regard him as lazy, but Anse wouldn T even see the possibility. All his friends say that they have been taking attention of him and assisting him out for old ages but Anse doesn T seem to detect. That is another facet of Anse s personality. He is wholly unmindful to other people and the manner they feel.

Anse is really selfish and greedy but he uses his ain justifications for it. An illustration is when he stole Dewey Dell s

money for his new false dentition. He says that he deserves dentitions to eat god s ain commissariats and this is his concluding for being a penny pincher and taking advantage of other people. He wouldn t even by a shovel to delve a hole in the land for Addie. I reckon at that place s Christian common people about here, he says, anticipating person else to assist him, like people were put on the Earth

to assist Anse Bundren out. He didn t even take his married woman to Jefferson for the sole

ground that it was her deceasing wish. He wanted to acquire those dentitions. I extremely uncertainty Anse would hold dragged a dead cadaver around for two hebdomads or so if he d had a full set of dentitions in his oral cavity. When Addie was about to decease, he sent his two boies off to lade wood for a measly three dollars. Jewel and Darl did non acquire to state their last

adieus to their female parent because of this. When they got back, Addie was already dead. Undoubtedly, Anse took the money and set it towards his dentitions.

Anse would wholly take advantage of people yet he would non even allow his childs sleep inside when they stayed overnight at friend s places. Several people offered to allow them kip inside but they insisted on remaining in the barn with the casket. I don t want to be beholden to anyone, Anse says clip and clip once more but clip and clip once more, he takes advantage of services offered and he comes to anticipate

people to assist him, merely as he does when he wants a shovel.

The most egoistic thing that Anse does is remarry instantly. Addie wasn t even buried for a twenty-four hours before Anse found a new replacing for her. He doesn t even grieve. This proves that Anse Bundren is all words merely as Addie said. If he meant that he loved her, he would hold at least waited before remarrying. Anse is wholly words which are non existent to Addie.

I can t stand Anse and as a individual, he is a entire also-ran. He should believe of person other than himself one twenty-four hours. His physical description can do person cringe and so make his actions.

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