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Julius Caesar was a calamity written by William Shakespeare. Julius Caesar was a great Roman general and senator born in 100 B.C. He has a married woman named Calphurnia but no kids. Though he was an celebrated leader, Caesar was a physically weak adult male; he suffered from epilepsy and was deaf in one ear.

In the beginning of the drama, Caesar was returning to Rome in victory after a successful military run against Pompey’s boies. Caesar formed the first triumvirate with Crassus and Pompey. After the decease of Crassus and Caesar’s licking of Pompey, Caesar gained autocrat power. A group of plotters led by Brutus assassinated him and Cassius, who worried that Caesar, might draw a bead on to go a dictator over the Roman democracy. Julius Caesar was an chesty and egoistic adult male who is besides a determinist.

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Caesar was an chesty adult male who saw himself as being the strongest and the most powerful adult male in Rome. When his married woman Calphurnia tried to halt Caesar from traveling to the Capitol for fright of his life was in danger, Caesar said that he has no demand to be afraid for he was even more formidable than danger itself.  Danger knows full good that Caesar is more unsafe than he.” This showed the great assurance he had in himself and his cocksureness that no 1 would make bold to harm him. Caesar took huge pride in his conquerings and believed that it would be black for him to lie to the senators about the ground of his absence from the Capitol on the ides of March. ? ? Have I in conquering stretch’d mine arm so far to be a feared to state old mans the truth?”  His assurance that a simple? ? Caesar will non come” would be sufficient a ground for the senators were another mark of the high regard he held of himself.

Caesar was besides instead egoistic and he is susceptible to holding his determinations swayed through congratulations and flattery rained upon Caesar by the people around him. When Decius foremost arrived at Caesar’s house to escort him to the Senate House, Caesar told Decius that he was non traveling. When Decius asked for an account he could give to the senators as to why Caesar was non traveling, Caesar said, The cause is my will: I will non come; that is adequate to fulfill the senate.”

Caesar’s reply was really certain and house; he viewed himself as being so extremely regarded by the people of Rome that his simple will was an account sufficient to fulfill the senate’s questions. However, although he views his will as being the strongest in Rome, his determinations were easy influenced by the sycophancy of the people that attempt to pull strings Caesar to travel along with their programs. Decius convinced Caesar to alter is head about non traveling to Capitol on the ides of March by making precisely as such. “to give this twenty-four hours a Crown to mighty Caesar. If you shall direct them word you will non come, their heads may alter. Besides, it were a mock. Break up the senate boulder clay another clip, When Caesar’s married woman shall run into with better dreams. ‘If Caesar fell himself, shall they non whisper ‘Lo, Caesar is afraid’ ? ”

Decius started by first praising Caesar of his illustriousness and so giving grounds as to how the determination of non demoing up at the Senate House would be an unwise judgement. Caesar could non bear people to believe that he, the mighty Caesar was such a coward that he dare non travel to Capitol merely because his married woman had incubus about his decease. Decius besides used Caesar’s aspiration for the Crown and pride in him as a gambit to pull strings Caesar in to traveling to the Capitol. Caesar rapidly accepted Decius’ grounds with pleasance and decided to travel to the Capitol one time once more. This rapid alternating in his determinations clearly showed how easy Caesar was persuaded by the flattery of others.

Another trait of Caesar was that he was fatalistic. He was non superstitious; for he dismissed the warning, the forecaster said to him? ? Beware the ides of March” ) as being words said by a dreamer and non deserving chew overing over. Caesar refused to believe the legion portents that have been happening in Rome and termed them as merely being general marks that would impact everyone and non merely him, though the people beside him are seeking to convert him non to travel to the Capitol on the ides of March for fright that something ailment might bechance upon Caesar.

Though Caesar was non superstitious, he was nevertheless, a fatalistic adult male that believed that a adult male’s destiny was destined and can non be changed. Calphurnia tried to convert him non to travel to the Capitol because she had dreamed of his statue shooting blood and the people of Rome were bathing their custodies in the blood with smilings on their faces. Calphurnia was instead hard-pressed about this and hoped to halt Caesar from walking right into what she saw as decease’s in cold blood beckoning custodies. Caesar was non excessively concerned about it though for he believed that if he was meant to decease, nil could forestall it. ? ? What can be avoided whose terminal is purposed by the mighty Gods?” He said that the clip one dies is preordained by the Gods and when that clip arrives, the individual would decease no affair how they try to avoid it.

The plotters that assassinated Caesar had done so because they believed that Caesar had the aspiration to go male monarch of Rome, and Caesar’s behavior partially substantiated such a judgement: he did in fact vie for absolute power over Rome, although he refused the Crown that was offered to him. Caesar reveled in the court he received from others and in his construct of himself as a very important person that will populate on forever in work forces’s heads. Yet, his religion in his ain permanency in both his trueness to rules every bit good as his fixture as a public establishment finally proved to be his undoing. Caesar was one the audience would non desire as a friend for he was excessively chesty for most people to acquire along with.

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