Characteristics of a Good Marriage Essay

Making a good marriage takes work. During courtship and the newlywed period, a couple will often feel like their marriage will never have any problems.

They think that they will love each other for the rest of their life, that they will have a good marriage forever. However, as many married couples discover, having a good marriage does take work. In addition to have a good marriage couple must have these important characteristics such as love, communication and spending time together.

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Characteristics of a Good Marriage
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Marriage is all started with love, it’s because how can you marry someone if you don’t felt love.

I remember when the first time I met this guy, my heart beats so fast, my hands were cold and I can’t barely talk. I think I fell in love. I believe the saying that “love is a blind” because I accepted him for what he really are. We became friends for many months, so we have a strong friendship and have staying power.

We enjoy hanging out together and we considered each other “best friend”.Now that we were married, sometimes he’s on a business trip I realized that it’s hard to wake up every morning without him. I think he’s my life. There are a variety of other general characteristics of a good marriage.

Like my husband and I were trying to avoid temptations of infidelity and we respect each other. If I have done something wrong he always forgives me. We also respect one onother’s boundaries and privacy. Our marriage filled with love, I remember when he makes me breakfast, buy my favorite stuff and take me to dinner or movies.

This simple things that he showed to me makes me happy. He always reminded me that we are a team, and organize our lives as such. I have this ideas and I think the root is communication. Although, at first I wasn’t good at it, I can’t express what I feel, and if I get dissapointed I’m just being quite.

Until, one time we had a fight which is normal for a couple, so my husband told me to speak up and give some ideas to avoid burying frustrations. Communication is one of the important ways to have a good marriage.From that experience I learned how to communicate more often to him, which is true in all of the areas of married life. Couple can communicate about every issue, including children, work, household management, and sex.

They need to discuss how they feel each other, and how they are feeling about other things in life. Sometimes, husband and a wife don’t agree on every issue, but it does mean that each is willing to listen to the other, and to discuss their points of view. I also believe that spending time together makes a good marriage.I know we are living in the modern world, and most of us have a hectic schedule.

As a wife, I always try to make time to be with him, but my husband would rather play with his computer games thant spending time with me. It’s hard dealing with it, but I understand because he needs some time alone. He’s a good man and most of the time we always do something together that we enjoy. Ultimately, a good marriage is built on a foundation of love, but the bricks that rest on that foundation, such as communication, respect and spending time together.

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