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Charles Manson Research Paper Charles MansonCharles Essay

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Charles Manson Essay, Research Paper

Charles Manson

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Charles Manson Research Paper Charles MansonCharles
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Charles Manson. He and his cult, & # 8220 ; The Family, & # 8221 ; together killed

seven people, bloodied and butchered. The people who he and others killed,

the Tate and LaBianca households, were affluent and well-off. What could hold

made them make such a thing without commiseration or compunction? Read on & # 8230 ; & # 8230 ; ..MANSON: The Man Himself

In 1954, Manson set up a commune-based cult, pulling in flower peoples,

vagrants. and the unemployed at the Spahn Ranch, near Los Angeles. Manson

had lovely thoughts and his followings or & # 8220 ; Family & # 8221 ; regarded him as a

Christ-like figure. They indulged in free love patterns, pseudo spiritual

ceremonials, and used drugs such as marihuanas and LSD.

The Black Panthers were a major black motion in the 1960 & # 8217 ; s. After

killing a leader of this motion in ego defense mechanism, Manson grew scared on

the promise of retaliation from the Black Panthers. Scared, Manson ordered his

followings to pattern guerilla tactics and they did so, without inquiry.

Manson sad he taught love because in love there is no hatred, but John

Flynn, a adult male who testified at his test, testified to some really

implying admittances by Manson.

Barbara Holt, a & # 8220 ; Family & # 8221 ; member, fled

the group before a foray. She subsequently showed up as a prosecution informant, a

possible danger to Manson, so faithful members of the & # 8220 ; Family & # 8221 ; tried to

kill her with a beefburger laced with LSD. Before her testimony, another

& # 8220 ; Family & # 8221 ; member, Gary Hinman, who had besides fled he group, was killed

because he had betrayed the & # 8220 ; Family. & # 8221 ; As you can see, the penalty for

traversing the & # 8220 ; Family & # 8221 ; was terrible.

Manson makes claims to 35 slayings. Although he was convicted

for others, there was non adequate grounds to convey him to test for the

30 five.


The drive force behind Manson & # 8217 ; s killing was difficult to turn out and hard

to believe. Manson had a program in his caput. When the Beatles foremost

released & # 8220 ; The White Album, & # 8221 ; it was a hit. Manson listened to it frequently. He

had a great devotedness to the Beatles, who he believed spoke to him across

the oceans in their wordss and vocals. Manson saw the 4 Beatles as the 4

Angels that announced the stoping of the universe in the bible. ( Armageddon )

On & # 8220 ; The White Album & # 8221 ; there are two song rubrics incorporating the

word revolution. These are & # 8220 ; Revolution 1 & # 8243 ; and & # 8220 ; Revolution 9. & # 8221 ; Manson

thought the Beatles were speaking about a black/white revolution. The word

rise can be found in & # 8220 ; Revolution 9 & # 8243 ; and could be depicted as a anticipation

of a Black rebellion. One vocal in peculiar, & # 8220 ; Helter Skelter & # 8221 ; seemed

run-of-the-mill to the normal ear, but was given a eldritch reading by

Manson. Man saw the Blacks as stupid and felt he had to demo & # 8220 ; Blackie & # 8221 ; the

manner. His program to kill seven affluent white people and to fault it on the

inkinesss would get down his program of a black/white revolution which he called

& # 8220 ; Helter Skelter. & # 8221 ; He attempted to border the black people by composing & # 8220 ; Death

to Pigs & # 8221 ; in the victim & # 8217 ; s ain blood and carving the word & # 8220 ; war & # 8221 ; in the

tummy of his victims. Manson denied allegations that this was the motivation

behind the slayings but many of Manson & # 8217 ; s followings said that Manson frequently

radius of this revolution, & # 8220 ; Helter Skelter. & # 8221 ;

Another controversial vocal on the album was & # 8220 ; Sexy Sadie. & # 8221 ; It was

believed by Manson that the vocal foretold his slaying test when Susan

Atkins made a important error on the informant base. She made the & # 8220 ; Family & # 8221 ;

look to be liquidators of the seven butchered victims while Manson felt he

was converting the jury of their artlessness. Manson believed he foresaw this

even before the test.


The slayers of the Tate and LaBianca households now serve life in

prison. Four people, all portion of the & # 8220 ; Family & # 8221 ; were convicted of these

slayings: Charles Manson, Susan Atkins, Leslie Van Houten, and Patricia

Krenwinkle. It is interesting to see that most of the slayers are adult females.

Another adult female, Linda Kasabian, who drove the slayers to the slaying scene,

turned province & # 8217 ; s grounds, and literally, got off with slaying. Charles

Watson was another member of Manson & # 8217 ; s group and was a Texan citizen, so he

was tried under Texan Law. The others were tried in Los Angeles. He was

besides given life imprisonment. The test, which lasted nine and one half

months, cost Los Angeles one million dollars.

Many people have wondered how these so called & # 8220 ; normal & # 8221 ; people could

commit such morbid offenses and show no marks of sorrow or compunction. Its is

suggested that Manson used menaces, guilt, and partial fright to score these

people into making what he wanted. Manson & # 8217 ; s followings were

devoted to him,

making whatever he wanted. They so much believed in him that they did non

inquiry what they were making.


Charles Manson is said to hold kept a secret list of future marks,

with in writing inside informations of how he is traveling to & # 8220 ; cover & # 8221 ; with these people.

Prisoners who have shared gaol cells with members of the & # 8220 ; Family & # 8221 ; attest

that this was a frequent subject of conversation among them. All persons

on the hate list were white ( proposing that Manson would fault the inkinesss )

and the list seemed to cover with the rich and celebrated for whom Manson

invented barbarous anguishs. Some illustrations: Frank Sinatra, skinned alive,

Steve McQueen, boiled in oil, Doris Day, raped and impaled, Tom Jones,

lingua cut off, Elizabeth Taylor, breasts cut off, Richard Burton,

castrated, etc.


A film, entitled & # 8220 ; Manson & # 8221 ; was taped prior to the test in Los

Angeles. It was questioned if the film gave an accurate portraiture of the

life of Manson, or if it made a jeer out of him. The information

presented in the film is considered to be a certification of the life of

the Manson Family. The movie was taped prior to the test and was ordered

to be removed from public screening because it was thought to be a possible

influence on the jurymans.

The Manson test lasted nine and one half months and cost Los Angeles

revenue enhancement remunerators one million dollars. Four people stood test: Manson, Patricia

Krenwinkle, Leslie Van Houten, and Susan Atkins. They were all convicted of

five slayings wholly. There were two other people with them on the

dark of the slayings. Charles Watson was a Texan citizen, and was deported

to Texas to be tried under Texan jurisprudence. Linda Kasabian turned province & # 8217 ; s

grounds and got off with slaying. All particpants in the slayings, with

the exclusion of Kasabian, were found guilty and were sentenced to decease.

This sentence was revoked and turned into life imprisionment. There was

great concern for the possibility of the popular image of martyrdom being

assigned to Manson and his & # 8220 ; Family. & # 8221 ;

Manson used suggestion and inactive mesmerism to do his followings

reply any bid of his. People did unquestioning Acts of the Apostless of any kind, even

slaying at his caprice. He found the fright in people and enjoyed playing on it.

Manson & # 8217 ; s followings often said, & # 8220 ; He reflects back to you what you want

to see. & # 8221 ; Manson himself said: & # 8220 ; You are utilizing us fpr a whipping boy, seeking to

expression past Nixon, and past Vietnam. I am merely what your universe made me. & # 8221 ;

Another quotation mark of Manson & # 8217 ; s is: & # 8220 ; I hate the universe I live in. & # 8221 ; By the age of

30, he had 50 strong beliefs against him.

Manson believed in free love and experimentation with drugs. Followings

of Manson came from all over the Earth. They believed they had to travel to

the desert and convey along all the kids they could convert to fall in

the, . Children were non excluded from anything and this & # 8220 ; freedom & # 8221 ; appealed

to may yound people. They could take part in free secual activities,

experiment with drugs, or utilize guns and autos. Manson & # 8217 ; s spread became a place

for blowouts, people in problem with they jurisprudence, and hippires. Manson did

non like flower peoples, and he said they were merely seeking to be different and

were looking for problem, therefore the name he gave to them: & # 8220 ; slippies. & # 8221 ; Girls

in Manson & # 8217 ; s & # 8220 ; household & # 8221 ; made a ceremonial waistcoat that tells the life of Manson

in yarn. Bruce Davis, Manson & # 8217 ; s second in bid, overdosed on LSD and

was mentally and physcially handicapped. On August 11, 1972, constabulary raided

the spread and arrested the slayers for car larceny with the purpose to

subsequently convict them of the slayings once they had house grounds.

The motivation was the strangest and most incredible thing that the

constabularies had to cover with. Manson saw the Beatles as Prophetss that described

a race war between the Whites and inkinesss. Manson planned to get down this war

up by faulting the slayings of members of black society. Merely it didn & # 8217 ; t work

out that manner. Manson planned to conceal in the desert until the war ended.

Manson believed he would subsequently hold to take over because the inkinesss were

rawness leaders. He called this program Helter Skelter.

The seven deceases the & # 8220 ; Family & # 8221 ; were convicted of were oriented around

the rich and celebrated. Sharon Tate, who was eight and a half moths pregnant,

was hanged and her babe was cut out of her. She was the married woman of film

manager Roman Polanski. Abigail Folger was the inheritress to the huge Folger

estate and was killed along with her lover Voityck Fryowski, a celebrated

author. Jay Sebring was present at this assemblage because he was a former

fellow of Tate & # 8217 ; s.

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