Catching up with Charles Saunders and Imaro Essay

Charles Saunders has one of the better fantasy author hosted websites on the internet.  Besides keeping up to date with current fantasy and horror goings-on, Charles periodically delves into his archives and pulls out some real plums from the past such as “Chocolate Covered Conan,” which he posted last month.  Since reviving his sword and sorcery hero Imaro in 2006, Charles has been very active on the internet, both on his blog and as guest blogger and commentator on other websites.

Charles brings his unique perspective, along with years of experience in the field and a wealth of knowledge that both enlightens and entertains - Catching up with Charles Saunders and Imaro Essay introduction. So be sure and check out his website and bookmark it. You won’t be disappointed — the website is chock full of reviews, articles, fiction and general musings by a Grandmaster of Fantasy Writing.

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Catching up with Charles Saunders and Imaro
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Also, at the Black Gate blog, Ryan Harvey recently sang his praises with a review of the latest Imaro book:

Now at last we have that great battle of gods and men, which Saunders started writing back in 1983. And it’s Epic. Big Capital “E” Epic. Charles R. Saunders more than rewards readers’ twenty-five years of patience with the single best installment in the saga of Imaro. This is sword-and-sorcery beauty, filled with bloody rage, bizarre magic, pounding battles, horrific monsters, and intense emotion. It is one of the best fantasy novels I have read over the past five years—and I’m actually glad I came late to reading the Imaro stories, because it means I didn’t have to wait so long to read the last and the best.

And, Imaro is even on Facebook where Charles recently posted a summary of his upcoming writing projects.

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