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Child Beautification

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Young girls are becoming more conscious about their looks, bodies and wanting to grow up far too quickly. Currently in the United States and the United Kingdom salons have been opened up for girls as young as two! This is outrageous and begs many questions. Who are to blame? How will this affect their self-esteem as they grow older? Why is this happening? These girls are children not teenagers or even pre-teens. This is ridiculous and needs to end. Every parent wants what’s best for their child or children.

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Child Beautification
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Taking your young daughter to a beauty salon for manicures, pedicures and facials really does question parent’s decisions as to what they are forcing their daughter (s) to think and learn. A child at any age under ten children should be playing on the playground, getting dirty and having nothing but fun. If she is worrying about her nails and how she looks every two minutes, this will only make her become more and more conscious from a very young age.

Who are to blame? In my opinion, the parents of these children, if her parents do not take their children to these salons’s then this would not be a problem.

Young girls have enough to worry about as teenagers. They do not need any added pressure – especially from such a young age- where it is most definitely unnecessary. Parents need to think about the decisions very carefully, it may seem like no big problem but if this carries on then many more unnecessary problems will arise in the near future. Self esteem is already a huge issue with teenage girls. Taking young girls to salons’ is adding to the problem – from a very young age. It is forcing them to think about their image and maintaining it, soon enough they will be worrying too much about their image before they even finish primary school.

Can you imagine what they will be like as teenagers? They would become spoilt, over-sensitive and emotional wrecks, soon enough they would get used to always looking their best. This is a huge potential problem and can be avoided. This is happening because people just want to make more money and they would go to any extent to get what they want. Businesses would gain a lot more from allowing children into their salons’ but what they do not realize is how this affects the future generations to come.

They are not bothered about the negative effects of this – even if they are they would not do anything to change it. Simply because money always has power. Exploiting young girls and robbing them of a fair childhood seems like a good money-maker. When you think of your memories of being a child, you automatically think fun, fun and more fun. Nothing else mattered. That’s exactly how it should stay. Child beautification is becoming a huge potential problem and needs to be taken seriously. Think about the future not just yourself.

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