Childhood Is The Best Time Of My Life

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The author reflects on the differences between childhood and adulthood. They argue that freedom is one of the major aspects of both childhood and adulthood, but they believe childhood has the best freedom of choice. Responsibility is another aspect that the author considers, acknowledging that childhood has responsibilities such as cleaning and homework, while adulthood has more intense responsibilities such as paying bills and supporting a family. Despite having more rights than children, the author concludes that childhood is the best time of their life.

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Childhood is commonly seen as a pleasurable phase characterized by freedom and leisure, while adulthood is associated with restrictions and responsibilities. During childhood, one can roam freely and engage in activities without worrying about adult matters. On the other hand, adulthood involves greater responsibility and the need to handle important tasks like paying bills. While children may have some responsibilities like tidying up or making their bed, they are generally less demanding than the obligations faced in adulthood.

The debate over the necessity of rights for children arises despite adults having more rights. As a child, your freedom is limited and dependent on your parents’ mood. Until you reach 18 years old, you remain under their control. Childhood imposes various restrictions on freedom like curfews (‘you must be home by 9:00 pm’) and the obligation to tidy up before watching TV. These limitations greatly hinder our freedom instead of allowing us to engage in activities we enjoy. Conversely, adults who are over 18 can now legally participate in activities previously prohibited by their parents. There are no curfews or permissions required; however, they must earn their own money and take responsibility for their actions. This also includes deciding whether to clean their room or leave it as it is.

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While adults have more freedom, I believe that childhood provides the best opportunity for our age group to exercise choice. Childhood is accompanied by various responsibilities, some of which we find enjoyable, some we are obligated to fulfill, and some we dislike. One responsibility that brings us happiness is completing homework because it gives us a sense of fulfillment by showcasing our utmost effort.

In order to maintain hygiene and discipline, it is necessary for us to clean our rooms. However, we often find these responsibilities interrupting our leisure time. As children, we have different obligations but are unaware of the specific duties that adults have.

It is important for individuals to take on the responsibility of paying their bills, earning their own income, and supporting their families if applicable. This can be challenging but necessary. Therefore, I believe that childhood is a favorable stage in life since adulthood comes with privileges such as purchasing a home and driving without adult supervision.

Adults possess the same rights as children, along with added privileges. I aspire to encounter the rights granted to adults. Consequently, after extensive research and contemplation, it becomes apparent that matters such as freedom and the allocation of rights hold significant significance.

Without a doubt, my childhood is the most marvelous time of my life.

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