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Life Lessons from Childhood

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    I as a young child assumed that most children lived an ideal childhood. Part of the reason why I assumed this, was due to the issues in my childhood, growing up. These issues at the time, were out of my control. Although you would expect my circumstances to cause me to aim low in life, on the contrary, I have big dreams on becoming successful.

    As far as my mother can remember I was a very happy and playful newborn. I took my very first steps at the age of thirteen months. My first words that I spoke where around the age of sixteen months. My mother described to me that I was curious infant and was always wondering what everything was. Then my mom explained to me how I was a very talkative and full of energy for a toddler. My mother and I recalled that I had a speech problem when I was in elementary. I had to go to multiple speech therapy sessions in and out school. My mother and I believe that I had problems saying my “r’s”, “t’s”, and “s’s”. I also remember that I had a difficult time distinguishing between words such as “synonym” or “cinnamon”. I did not want to believe that my parents had no feelings for each other.

    As far as I can remember, it all became clear to me in the fourth grade that my parents disliked each other. I noticed this when it became a routine for my parents to argue, even when I was around. The argument on my mother’s side was legitimate. They would have constant feuds about my father’s serious issue with abusing illegal drugs, and staying out late to get drunk with his friends. Another one of my mother’s arguments was the fact that he would abuse alcohol even while babysitting me when my mother could not, due to her working late. Every night would consist of my father arriving home when everyone was asleep. It also consisted of him leaving the house when I would be at school. All this led to my mother telling me one day, when she has the opportunity, she would divorce my father. Being as young as I was, no child wants to hear that from their parents, but I somehow knew it was the right thing for my mother to do.

    As the years went by, I acquired to be valedictorian in my sixth-grade class. I also acquired to get first place with my drama family in one act play. In my freshman year of high school, I obtained the role of Toto in my school’s children show which was the Wizard of Oz. I also joined my high school’s one act play along with choir. My high school’s one act play went up to area for my sophomore year. I also received sweepstakes along with my choir family for UIL during my sophomore year, which means the choir obtained straight ones in sight-reading and on stage. I achieved to be in the Bear color guard. My school’s band along with color guard almost gained the opportunity on going to state by one point during pigskin. I personally received a two on my solo for choir during my junior year. I had the chance to be in my school’s children show along with the choir and one act play. I am very proud to say that I obtained a letterman for being in choir all through my high school years.

    Although I didn’t have the perfect childhood, it did teach me the life lesson of being yourself, and not depending on others to dictate my life. Everything that has happened to me in my childhood has shaped me to try to succeed in life while having fun at the same time. I’ve come to know that a person can be independent and happy at the same time.

    Singing and acting played a huge role on helping me decide my identity which is also known as who I am as a person. My two hobbies helped me deal with a bunch of stress that came through school and from my household. I can recall as a child that I have always wanted to do something with criminal justice or psychology. I either wanted to be a therapist or judge or an attorney.

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