Chili Pepper Leaves and Orange Peelings as a Component

Through it, the insects killing agents is created commonly known as insecticide. However, the widespread and long term use of the product resulted in too many problems. Many are toxic to humans and others are concentrated in the air contamination. Thus, the researcher came up with an echo-friendly and safer insecticide extracted from Chili Pepper (Capsicum annum) leaves and Orange (Citrus genesis) peelings. Background of the Study There are two aspects of economic problems caused by insects such as the termites. One concern to the health of humans.

The other one concerns the cost of he attempt to prevent or control such production losses. Termites are a constant threat to houses. Insects killing agents is created which is called insecticide. Hence, the purpose of this research is to produce an echo- friendly and safer pesticide. Bio- insecticide are usually less toxic than conventional insecticides. It generally affects only the target insects. It is often effective in very small quantities and decomposes quickly, thereby resulting in lower exposure and largely avoiding the pollution problems caused by conventional insecticide.

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This bio- insecticide are rived from such natural materials like plants. For example, the Chili Pepper leaves extracts have insecticide application and considered as bio- insecticide. All life on Earth depends directly or indirectly on the plants for food and for other purposes. Some of these contain thousands of medicinal compounds while the others have Chili Pepper (Capsicum annum) an attractive, upright shrub usually less than 1 m tall, with small, white, pendent flowers and elongated, yellow, orange or red fruits (berries).

It can be distinguished from other types of domesticated peppers of flowers hat are solitary rather than in groups, and filaments (threadlike stalks supporting the anther) that are not purple. Chili Pepper contains a certain chemical called Captains. Captains is an irritant for mammals, including humans, and produces a sensation of burning in any tissue with which it comes into contact. Captains is also used to deter mammalian pests.

Specific targets of Captains repellents are voles, deer, rabbits, squirrels, insects and attacking dogs. Orange (Citrus genesis) the orange tree, reaching 25 Ft (7. 5 m) or, with great age, up to 50 Ft (1 5 m), has a rounded crown of slender branches. The fruit is globes, gobbles, oblate or somewhat oval, 2 1/2 to 3 3/4 in (6. 5-9. 5 CM) wide. Dotted with minute glands containing an essential oil, the outer rind (epicure) is orange or yellow when ripe, the inner rind (mesoderm) is white, spongy and non-aromatic.

The pulp (endeavor), yellow, orange or more or less red, consists of tightly packed membranous Juice sacs enclosed in 10 to 14 wedge-shaped compartments which are readily separated as individual segments. In each segment there may be 2 to 4 irregular seeds, white externally and internally, though some types of oranges are deedless. The sweet orange differs physically from the sour orange in having a solid center. In addition to its food uses, orange peel oil is a prized scent in perfume and soaps.

Because of its 90-95% limonite content, it has a lethal effect on houseflies, fleas and firearms. Its potential as an insecticide is under investigation. It is being used in engine cleaners and in waterless hand-cleaners in heavy machinery repair shops. It is commercially produced mainly in California and Florida, followed distantly by Italy, Israel, Jamaica, South Africa, Brazil and Greece, in that order. Terseness extracted from the outer layer of the peel are important in resins and in formulating paints for ships.

Australians have reported that a shipment of platypuses sent to the United States in the sass was fed mass-produced worms raised on orange peel. Statement of the Problem It was the purpose of this team research to produce an insecticide out of Chili Pepper extracts and Orange peelings extracts. The study aimed at: (1) identifying the effectiveness of the insecticide and (2) comparing the insecticide out of Chili Pepper and Orange Peelings extracts from commercial insecticides. Specifically, the study sought answers to the following specific questions: 1 .

How effective the Chilies and orange peel extract as an organic insecticide? A. How many termites were killed after spraying the chili pepper leaves and orange peelings insecticide? B. How long will it take for the insecticide out of chili pepper leaves extracts and orange peelings extracts to kill termites? C. Does the amount of spray insecticide affects the number of termites that will be killed? Significance of the Study Currently, insecticide besides being expensive, spray fragrance product contains a umber of chemicals.

Insecticides are very helpful in the environment, so the focus trusted. It is the aim of this study to produce insecticide that the ingredients are both naturally and easy to make friendly towards the environment. This study would benefit the following entities: Urban Community. People living in urban community will also be benefited with this product since this uses cheap ingredients in the process. This study may serve as a starting point for termite eradication. This study may also serve towards the discovery of potentially new natural foundations of insecticides.

Economy. With this experiment we can manufacture a natural and inexpensive insecticide that works as well as commercial versions because it is Just easy. Scopes and Limitations This investigation was conducted to determine the effectiveness of the insecticide out of Chili Pepper leaves extracts and Orange Peelings extracts as used by the selected fourth year students from the regular classes of the Taliban National High School during the month of June, 2013- August, 2013. The aspects looked into the effectiveness, smell and odor, and the longevity of its effectiveness.

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