clarifies the IHRM theoretical side and how the company uses it

Table of Content
  1. IHRM constructs in Coca Cola ‘s patterns and grounds to reassign employees to the host states 6
  2. Choosing staff for planetary assignments in Coca Cola 7
  3. The disadvantages of traditional choice in Coca Cola 8


This research undertaking explains how the International Human Resource theories are used in Coca Cola as a transnational organisation. More over it clarifies the IHRM theoretical side and how the company uses it in its patterns. Besides it explains both of the strength and weak points of the practical methods. Coca Cola is an illustration of Multinational endeavors ( MNEs ) as it operates its concern in more than 200 states.


Local Human Resource Management patterns are different of international Human Resource Practices, because the nucleus different in the organisational construction. The construction of a Multinational organisation as Coca Cola should be different of another American local organisation. These differences come from the important function and senior schemes of the company. This should do some important alteration in the HR patterns and maps.

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Since Coca Cola is a company operates its concern around a immense figure of states around the universe it began to react to both of local and international demands. Environment, civilization and political differences exist from one part to another.

Globalization is the most of import factor of the transnational endeavors phenomenon. Coca Cola one of the American companies became a transnational company to take the benefits of new markets and to minimise the labor costs. Haile ( 2002 ) mentioned that Bernadin and Russell ( 1998 ) and Robbins ( 1997 ) all stated that Coca-Cola and Pepsi receive more than half of their grosss from operations outside the United States. These grounds and more encourage the company to run its concern outside the boundaries. While the company started its operations outside USA it considered the environmental, cultural and political alteration. Besides it considered the differences among the transnational employees. Therefore it started to happen the methods and the patterns which help to avoid any obstructions since the IHRM has new constructs were developed internationally. As a nucleus point, the international human resource patterns should be aligned with the predefined strategic concern ends.

Company ‘s Background

Coca Cola was invested in May 1886 by Dr. John S. Pemberton in Atlanta, Georgia. Currently, its operations are in more than 200 states, and with diverse work force of about 55,000 employees.

The Local and Planetary Scheme

The strategic vision of the company is to accomplish five strategic ends: Net income, people, value, spouses and planet.

One of the above strategic is people, which is the most of import component in Coca Cola as people are the work force which operates the whole work. Furthermore the company gives its attending to the HRM to command the human maps and functions and to be alining with the company ‘s senior scheme. In line with the higher aims of the company, human resources direction earnestly seeking to acquire the best direction achieve the aims of the company. For these grounds, IHRM should specify cognize the construction of the company as a planetary.

( The Times Newspaper, 2005, P. 2 )

The Company‘s Construction

The place state of Coca Cola is USA it controls both of centralisation and localization’s maps. Senior determinations at The Coca Cola Company are made by an Executive Committee of 12 company Officers. This commission helped to determine the strategic precedences. The chair of the executive commission Acts of the Apostless as a caput for the company and chairs the board meetings. He is besides the Chief Executive Officer ( CEO ) and as such he is the senior determination shaper. Other executives are responsible either for the major parts ( e.g. Africa ) or have an of import concern specialisation for illustration the Chief Financial Officer.

( The Times Newspaper, 2005, P. 3 )

There are seven chief parts where Coca Cola operates in as the followers:

North America, Africa, Asia, Europe, Eurasia, Middle East, Latin America. Each part has divided into states and each state has its ain construction the undermentioned figure explains the construction of Coca Cola in Great Britain.

( The Times Newspaper, 2005, P. 3 )

IHRM constructs in Coca Cola ‘s patterns and grounds to reassign employees to the host states

Staff choice, international assignments, international preparation and development, international compensation, and IHRM in the host Country context are some cardinal constructs of the international patterns which Coca Cola ‘s HRM is responsible to cover with. And it is of import to cognize the ground of reassigning people from a part to another among Coca Cola parent company, host states and subordinates.

The ground of directing staff for international assignment in Coca Cola is to accomplish three major ends within short and long footings: to make full places, develop the direction and to carry through Coca Cola ‘s development. ( Hartono 2009 )

The following tabular array shows the grounds of reassigning staff from the parent state of Coca Cola to the host states ( e.g. China ) .

Why does Coca Cola transfer staff from the parent state ( USA ) to the host states

Transportation of proficient or Managerial cognition, preparation of subordinate directors, or deficiency of qualified local personal

( Position Filling )

  1. Degree of instruction in host state is low
  2. Subsidiary is immature
  3. Subsidiary is Greenfield constitution
  4. Gain international experience
  5. develop planetary consciousness

( Management Development )

  1. MNC is more internationalized
  2. MNC is big
  3. Control and coordination of subordinate operations

( Organizational Development )

  1. Unsteadily turning away in place state is high
  2. Degree of cultural distance between place state and host state is high
  3. Degree of political hazard in host state is high
  4. Subsidiary is big
  5. Subsidiary is majority-owned
  6. Subsidiary is higher in corporate coverage concatenation Subsidiary is immature
  7. Subsidiary is under-performing
  8. betterment of communicating channels between head one-fourth and subordinate

( Organizational Development )

  1. Degree of cultural distance between place and host state is high
  2. Degree of political hazard in host state is high
  3. Subsidiary is immature

Choosing staff for planetary assignments in Coca Cola

Hartono ( 2009 ) argued that surveies explained that choosing employees for planetary undertakings to accomplish international specific occupations is hard. Besides incorrect choice may take to important jobs. Therefore Coca Cola developed its ain system for careful choosing employees, in this system the company determines carefully the appropriate individuals for each assignment. ( Slavenski 2003 )

In Coca Cola they ever give adequate clip to measure employees they wish to travel for an international assignment. First measure is to have applications from the employees who find that he is qualified for the undertaking. Then carry on five hours appraisal for all the appliers to place the undermentioned nine accomplishments:

  1. Forming and be aftering
  2. Percept and analysis
  3. Decision devising
  4. Oral communicating
  5. Decisiveness
  6. Adaptability
  7. Interpersonal accomplishments
  8. Written communicating
  9. Doggedness

Second measure is to find the best appliers who have win in the first appraisal and inquire them to return following twenty-four hours for the organisational orientation, besides there is three yearss of preparation for the line directors who are responsible for this choice. In Coca Cola normally the 3rd measure is an interview to choose one of three appliers to make the international assignment.

Comparing with the old attack of choosing staff to make a planetary undertaking there are a important alteration in the manner and technique used presently in Coca Cola. Harmonizing to Slavenski ( 2003 ) he stated that These consequences indicate that the new method of questioning is more effectual than traditional interviewing. Hence, the assessment/hiring ratio was lowered from 3: 1 to 2:1. T hat is, for every two people assessed in the centre, one could be selected. The cost nest eggs amounted to about $ 48,000 per centre or $ 4,000 per campaigner.

The Disadvantages of Traditional Choice in Coca Cola

Choosing people who have tantamount accomplishments, information, and organisational outlooks is more complex than it earliest appears. Person who has been successful someplace else in a related place may non ever be a good choice. Old choice in most organisations is non every bit utile as it could be because it is non based on an analysis of occupation necessities, instead than being prepared and logical, it is unofficial and incompatible, doing it difficult to compare and measure campaigners, it may affect unrelated, and sometimes improper, it allows the campaigners little opportunity to show existent occupation accomplishments and it is based on hapless review and records and by and large relies on the interviewer ‘s ability to convey to mind complex information about figure of campaigners.

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