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Marketing Program of Clark University

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            I have always been an achiever and I have always worked hard for good grades. However, there are situations wherein even with your best efforts you can still get a failing grade. I consider these as challenges; and through these challenges, I am able to identify my weaknesses.

            This happened to me on my World Religion Online class where I got a grade of D. This is the worst grade that I have ever received. I worked hard and I did my best to pass this course but I was really having a hard time because English is my second language.

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Marketing Program of Clark University
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The course required me to read a lot of English and I was having a very hard time with it especially since I have no one who can help me. It is an online course, so I am basically on my own. At the time I was taking that course, I was not yet an efficient English speaker.

            Now, I have greatly improved my English and I can confidently say that language will no longer be a barrier in my academics.

I am better than ever and I am confident that I can overcome any academic endeavor or challenge.

I only want the best for my future and I believe that Clark University is a premiere educational institution that will cater to all of my needs as a student. Clark University, being one of the oldest educational institutions in the country, is highly esteemed for producing successful graduates.

            Clark University provides a good marketing program and I want to pursue a degree in Marketing. Marketing is a very interesting and a very broad field. It will provide me a good future since Marketing will enable me to enter different fields including traditional and online marketing, advertising, public relations, etc. The university boasts of a very capable faculty which can provide the best education that anyone will need. Not to mention a very good research and postgraduate programs. The student body is united and the location is an environment that promotes learning. Campus life at Clark University will never be dull as there are more than 80 student organizations that I can participate in. I can engage in a lot of extra-curricular activities while at the same time doing well in my studies.

            Clark University has been part of the country history as many of its graduates have become very successful in different fields. I want to be the same—a successful graduate which my country and my school can be proud of.


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Marketing Program of Clark University. (2016, Sep 29). Retrieved from https://graduateway.com/clark-university/

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