Classroom experience


                        Classroom experience shapes students’ view on society and its social values. This essay analyzes a few experiences in the classroom and their effects on socialization and the American culture. Personally, I became the best debater in class (high school) by asking questions, discussing and brainstorming issues and points.

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Classroom Experience

                        Education is a key to everything and coincidently people have to be in classrooms right from baby class to the end of education. Some feel extremely different from other students and while in class others develop or start new friendships. Negative attitudes are developed when there is discrimination of any kind e.g. gender, racial, etc. Some feel just to be strangers but this is applicable in the first day in a high school class and after a short while studies and living in this environment becomes enjoyable. The desks in class were arranged in rows for the students-teachers interaction to be face to face. The most encouraging and enriching experience is questions and answer questions session. (Mills 2006) agrees that, “Total student participation (better referred as student centered topic) i.e. presenting findings, each student having a question to ask has a wonderful professional experience to teachers and the students”. Through this system of learning, the subject becomes very interesting and there is a longing to have the same teacher always. This method has also improved interaction among students hence changing the racial attitude of many students, thus heading the American culture to a new direction.


This classroom experience has indeed improved and helped my learning ability because I comfortably memorized every lesson content hence improved grade. This became a testimony for almost the whole class.


Mills, E. G. (2006). A Guide for the Teacher Researcher 3rd Edition. Salty Lake: Prentice Hall.


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