Clear Head And My Surroundings

Everything that you write, present, or even teach you should be proofread. Proofreading starts from the beginning stage of the draft. Proofreading is a step that most people skip, but it could be beneficial in your work and to ensure that your job can be credible. The proofreading process must be taking one mistake very seriously could cost you big. During my proofreading process, the UOP has made it very easy for me to help with proofreading, I don’t have to bother anyone to read my papers. I can do it all myself by merely going into the library and clicking on write point this helps me with my punctuation, after this step I would reread it to ensure that the flow and transition of the sentences flow well together.

Proofreading takes time because as you are reading it over and over again, I find myself taking out material that I don’t particularly need. Three things that I’ve taken from the text that has helped me better when I’m proofreading my work is, taking breaks between the process because this helps clear your mind when reading from a fresh start. Next would be to block all the distractions and a clear head and my environment, and not complete this process when I’m tired as I tend to do most of the time which is not good. I also tend to rush, and this is also not good, I learned that when I’m proofreading, I should take my time and read one part at a time.

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When working in a team setting it’s always good to go into the group with an open mind because you are working with people with opinions and everyone’s voice is heard whether you agree with it are not. Ensure that you give everyone on the team a chance to speak is being respectful to your teammates. These will eliminate any conflict that could arise. As you are giving each person an opportunity to talk listening and taking any notes that you would like to question after everyone has to take their turn to speak. Working in a team each of you is put on this team to reach a common goal. All discussions must remain on topic and pertain to what the main presentation idea.

Staying on the subject is very important because if you have too many people talking out of turn, then you all could find the topic all over the place with would cause teammates to disagree and make differences. Team collaboration allows you to listen to all the ideas from each person, and you never know you might learn or even hear something that you didn’t even think about doing. It’s important to be innovative and creative in a team project, and when you and your team reach that common goal, the result is always a good feeling. I hope that you all have learned what I have learned all these are great ways to help you grow and be an effective communicator and a great team player.

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