My Surroundings or How I’m Resting

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My Surroundings

Ah, the breath of fresh air and the wide open range of earth is soothing as I glance out into the world. My eyes scan across the landscape of God’s country, and the tall trees that have sprung forth are starting to shed their leaves. With each warm breeze, a new leaf finds its way to the ground below, and lays lifeless until the colors of orange and brown are gone. As the whirlwind of air surrounds me I smell the grass of yesterday’s mowing in gulfing my nose as it burns to breath. The fresh smell of flowers that once over took the air is now gone, and only the smells of barley and hay linger.

The sounds of tractors trimming the fields and baling the hay drown the sounds of birds that sing their songs of euphonious tunes. These feathered creatures desperately scramble to find new homes before winter and have made home in the black mailbox out front. I watch as they carry twigs and leaves from nearby to build this new habitat. The effort seems exhausting and tiresome as they work so hard to only be disturbed by the mail that will soon fill their new dwelling. My vision is drawn away from the new residence in the mailbox to the obnoxious traffic that passes by. Cars excusing themselves from the speed limit and the roar of music that echoes off the surrounding hills. I pull my attention away from the distraction and once again look out into the view I have from my porch. I listen to the sounds that surround me and enjoy my peaceful view while it last.

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