Coca cola data analysis Essay

Introduction & Definition The Coca-Cola Company is one of the biggest producers, vendors and suppliers of nonalcoholic beverage and syrups around the world. It’s headquarter is found in Atlanta, capital of the state Georgia in America. It is one of the leading companies of United State and is widely recognized for its flagship product, “Coca-Cola”. Coca-Cola is now internationally renowned soft drinks company with ambitious plans to upgrade the brand. It owns the majority of soft drinks available in coolers and vending machines in the western world.

Though Coca-Cola is the main brand of this Powered.

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Coca cola data analysis
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One can easily know all about their affiliated brands Just by visiting their corporate website. 2. Global Business and Marketing Strategies Annual report of the year 2005 highlights that company markets its beverage products in more than 312 countries or territories around the world. Today, international presence of Coca-Cola is phenomenal for its logo, colors and advertising standards throughout the world. SOOT Analysis Strengths: Market groundbreaking in soft drinks.

Coca-Cola has massive global demand. There is large scale of operations. Advertisement with attractive images is taken deeply in the heart of peoples.

This kind of tremendously identifiable branding is one of the greatest strength of Coca- Cola. In addition to that the structure of bottles giving a remarkable strength. Its slogan, color, font and logo is another strength of Coca Cola. Sponsorship of Football, Cricket, Olympics and other social events. The music of Coca Cola Branding of Coca Cola is a great strength. The brand image is widely accepted. Seasonal advertisements, like Christmas, World cup matches etc, through Medias. Weaknesses: One of the major healthcare issues of Coca-Cola is the effects on the teeth. Problems.

Addiction to Coca-Cola causes serious health problems, because regular drinking of Coca-Cola affects human body after few years. Due to the brand market shares, Coca-Cola makes direct competition for competitors which cause the emerging of new competitors in the market. It has previous unsuccessful marketing strategies for sub brands like Coke Zero and Desman. Opportunities: 0 Company has the opportunity to introduce new products into marketplace and pulling up for marketing. Brand recognition of Coca-Cola has significant impact on competitive position. Today, brand name of Coco-Cola is renowned throughout 94% of the world.

Changes in packaging affected its sales and industry positioning, but more over public are not tended out to be affected by new products.. In packaging business there is a need for ‘green business’ and sustainability. Bottling system of Coca-Cola enables to take benefit of unbounded development opportunities around the world. This approach offers Coca Cola the chance to deal a large geographic, diverse area. Company has the opportunities to make investment into the developing countries. It has also the opportunity to develop social responsibility in narrower demographics. Threats: Vast competition in carbonated soft drink production..

Substitute drinks like Juice, other soft drinks, tea, coffee, hot chocolate, is a big threat. About 40% of the entire beverage market is controlling by Coca Cola and Pepsi and the health consciousness of the market could make a thoughtful affect. The buying capacity of the consumer is yet another threat facing by Coca-Cola. The availability of other beverages with low cost is one of the major challenges in the market. 3. Meeting the Market Requirements Starting from the blend of product to price, distribution and promotion Jointly can create a total package that will best satisfy the market’s demands.

The term “product” refers to the goods and services that a company trades. Marketing manager must have to consider all the pertinent q questions that are associated with the company’s product. For examples: What form of packaging should be used? What features should the product have? How important is quality? How many models are required? Should a brand or trademark be used? Etc. Distribution The term “Distribution” is concerned with the delivery of goods and services to territories where goods and services are being offered for sale.

D striation also responsible for the marketing structures and channels of distribution. Beside marketing managers distributors, wholesalers, dealers, agents, retailers, and all other ales representatives are responsible for the distributions of goods and services to their respected consumers. Price is the most important element of marketing that refers the charges of company’s products. Pricing must be based on several external and internal factors including production costs, prices of competing products, desired profit margins, and possible legal restrictions.

Price must be set as such that it is not beyond the consumers financial resources still returning company’s investment and profit. The term “promotion” is the final element of marketing mix which includes all the aspects of marketing like- public relations, advertising, personal selling and sales promotion. Advertising activities inform the availability of products and services to potential consumers and draw their attention to buy a product or to take some other desired action. 4. Nature of Strategy and Analysis Pricing Strategy: Coco-cola’s pricing strategy is quite simple.

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