Commemorative Speech: My Friend Rachel

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Tall, luscious, long, brown hair, beautiful brown eyes, and has the maturity level of a five year old. Rachel Steele was a popular girl who loved volleyball as much as a fat kid loves chocolate cake. Kind, strong headed, sweet spirited, loving, strong in the gospel, and always wanting to make people laugh shaped Rachel into a true young woman. Never in a million years would you think a girl like this would have to deal with such a hard trial. Playing volleyball was the only thing Rachel loved to do. Two weeks before nationals headaches started to come that wouldn’t go away for days.

Thinking it was mono Rachel went to the doctors to get the diagnoses. Doctors are always there to help inform you about your symptoms but at that moment Rachel Steele wished she could rewind and never hear those dreadful words that came out of the doctor’s mouth, you have cancer. “I wasn’t afraid to die at first. I was just thinking ‘what about volleyball? ’ because volleyball was my life. ” Throughout her treatments though, Rachel prayed for her life and became less focused on sports. All she wanted to do was get through this year alive. The only cure to her cancer was five rounds of chemo therapy, and staying in the hospital for a year.

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Many people would breakdown and cry, in fact that’s what I did when I found out the news. But not this girl. Rachel started a blog that she updated every couple days to keep her friends and family informed on how she was doing. Some days were better than others, but she always kept a good attitude. Worn down, exhausted, skin and bone, no hair, excruciating pain, and still a smile on her face. “Losing my hair was the worst. I would run my finger through my hair and big chunks would fall out, that’s when I decided to shave it off so I didn’t have to suffer anymore. ” Trials make us stronger if we use them to our advantage.

That is what Rachel has taught me. With five rounds of Chemotherapy, and one bone marrow transplant Rachel Steele is back on the horse. She is playing volleyball again and has a mini afro. Although she is skinnier and has less hair she is more beautiful and radiant than ever before. Rachel has been around many places helping others by telling them her story and how they can overcome their trials. “By faith and prayer, always believing that Heavenly Father loves me and that he gave me this trial for a reason, has made me stronger than I have ever been and has strengthened my testimony. Rachel has a video on her blog with a song called Hold On by Michael McLean. Here are some of the lyrics: The message of this moment is so clear; and as certain as the rising of the sun. If your world is filled with darkness doubt and fear, just hold on, Hold on; the light will come. Everyone who’s ever tried and failed, stands much taller when the victory’s won. And those who’ve been in darkness for a while kneel much longer when the light has come. It’s a lesson every one of us must learn; That the answers never come without a fight. And when it seems you’ve struggled far too long, just hold on, hold on; there will be light.

When you feel trapped inside a never-ending night, if you’ve forgotten how it feels to feel the light, if you’re half-crazy thinking you’re the only one. Who’s afraid the light will never really come. Just hold on. Hold on! The light will come. Rachel made this her theme song and everyone should do the same. She kept going strong and believing that everything would be okay because of this song. I live by these lyrics when I have a trial I am facing. My trials will probably never be as big as the one she went through but I am truly grateful to have her in my life. What a wonderful example Rachel is to me and to the world.

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