Commemorative Speech

What if you were not raised up with your parent’s or you had to pick up everything and move to a different country that’s how my dads life started. My dad, was born on June 18, 1968 in Pakistan. He had many accomplishments, and tragedies during a young age, but I am here to only talk about the important ones. My dad has not only been father, but also my mentor and my best friend. My dad grew up with his grandmother for the first 11 years of his life. You guys are probably wondering why… It wasn’t because his parent’s died, or they didn’t like him.

When he was born his grandmother wanted their first grand child to live with her. His parent’s did see him on the weekends still, but his grandmother was the biggest mother figure in his life until 10. At 10 he moved to his parent’s house. That same year they decided to move to the United States of America, that is where his whole life changed. He was know longer in a small city where everyone knew each other. His parent’s had started a limo company in Dallas when they moved. He had to make all new friends. The hardest part for him was learning to speak English and Just picking everything up and moving, but in the long run it paid off.

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Over the years my dad has taught me that it is our responsibility to help the less fortunate. Every year my dad donates millions of dollars to the less fortunate. This has taught me that if god has gave you a good life maybe you should help other people also. For example, one time it was in the middle of the night at I was with my dad and someone’s car had broken down on the highway he got out and helped the family change their tire. He graduated from the University of North Texas getting a business degree. His family had high expectations of him because everyone before him had graduated from college.

When my dad finished college his parent’s gave them their limo company from a small company know it is the biggest limo company in Texas. His family had put all their money in the limo company and at last it paid off. My dad and grandparent’s have taught me that you should never give up when something gets tough. They also taught me to put your standards high so you can work harder. The next time you guys feeling like giving up think about all the people who have faith in you. My dad’s grandmother died of natural causes the year he moved to Dallas. The person who raised my dad up through his childhood had Just died.

My dad felt awful, but someone told him that if a love one has died you shouldn’t blame yourself. Even though it is really sad you have to get through it and move on, and that is what he did. After he graduated college, his dad was going back to Pakistan to check up on everything that they had left. My dad did not go to even say bye to his dad and he regretted it when he got a phone call that his dad had been shot. He immediately got on the next plane to Pakistan, but it was to late his father was dead. He had learned that his dad was coming from the bank and someone shot him because he had a Role on his wrist and had a briefcase.

How could you take someone life for money. Over time my dad got over the death of his father and everything went back to normal, out Know two major people In Nils Tie are AAA. I nose experiences AT my AAA have taught me that you should always love the people who are closest to you, because someday they will be gone. My dad has been a major inspiration in my life he has taught me not to take other people for granted. Think about the next time you tell your dad you love them do you really mean it. I love my father as the stars – he’s a bright shining example and a happy twinkling in my heart. “

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