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Community of Laredo Texas

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Laredo, Texas is a southern Texan city on the Rio Grande.  It is located south-southwest of the city of San Antonio.  Laredo was established in the year 1755 by Spanish settlers.  Since then it has had seven flags flown over it (“Laredo”).  This is perhaps an important reason why Laredo continues to attract diverse groups of people.  In fact, 94.1% of its total population of 217,506 individuals is of Hispanic origin.  Only 5% of the population is white non-Hispanic.  American Indians represent 0.6% of the population.

  Two and a half percent of the people belong to at least two races, while 13.9% belong to other races (“Laredo, Texas”).  Because Laredo is an important port of entry as well as a retail, industrial and tourist hub, its population increased by 20% between the years 2000 and 2007 (“Laredo;” “Laredo, Texas”).

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Community of Laredo Texas
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The city of Laredo boasts a railway bridge in addition to four bridges between United States and Mexico.  A place of strategic importance, Laredo also has an international airport (“Laredo”).  The people of Laredo are further served by one police station and twelve fire stations (“City of Laredo Public Safety”).

  In the year 2006, there were 480 full-time police officers working in the city (“Laredo, Texas”).  The number of “officers per 1,000 residents” of Laredo is 1.83, while “U.S. city average” is 3 (“Laredo, Texas”).  Thus far, there have been 13,752 violations of law in the city.  More than seven thousand persons have been arrested.  Traffic violations have exceeded 40,000 in number (“City of Laredo, Public Safety”).

There are three professional athletic teams in Laredo: the Bucks, the Heat, and the Broncos.  Because Laredo enjoys dry to mild weather the entire year, outdoor recreational activities are quite popular among the residents.  The Lake Casa Blanca International State Park is located here apart from more than thirty other parks.  Then there are golf courses in the city, in addition to museums, a frequently visited planetarium, and public library.  There are various churches in Laredo for different denominations, e.g. the Mormons and the Lutherans.  There are five medical centers in the city, too, including the Laredo Medical Center and the Doctor’s Hospital (“Laredo”).

There are two school districts serving the community of Laredo in addition to eight private schools.  The Laredo Community College, the well-known Texas A&M International University adding to the diversity of cultures in the city, and the University of Texas Health Science Center are also located here.  The people of Laredo enjoy access to top-notch shopping centers as well.  Most of the residents of the city are either businesspersons or working for the transportation and utilities industries.  There are four banks in the city that have their base as South Texas.  What is more, the city boasts the month long Washington’s Birthday Celebration, attracting tourists from around the nation each year.  In fact, as many as 400,000 people attend the event every year.  The Jalapeno Festival is part of the Washington’s Birthday Celebration and known to all Americans as one of the top ten festivals for eating.  The well-known Jamboozie, too, is part of the Washington’s Birthday Celebration.  Then again, the city remains as a bustling trade and tourist center throughout the year.  It has nightlife venues as well as attractive places to visit such as the Rio Grande as well (“Laredo”).

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