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Community Problem-Solving

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Community Problem-Solving

            The community plays a very important role in enforcement of laws as members living in the community are affected. Participation of community members with law enforcement agencies such as police is an important step that leads to reduced levels of crimes. One of the most critical aspect of the community in solving problems is the aspect of community policing a common observation in U.S. Community policing has helped the federal government to deal with the problem of organized gangs who terrorizes people.

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Community Problem-Solving
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  The problem of organized gangs has been one of the worst experiences in United States but through community policing, the problem has been solved.

 In the recent past the city of Anaheim in California according to reliable sources has been faced with the problem of organized gangs who deal with drugs and other criminal activities. Many individuals have been victims to these gangs whereby a person is either robbed, shot dead or stabbed on daily basis.

The law enforcement department which constitutes of the police and judicial system had hard time to deal with these hard cores (David, 2001). A major development in community policing adopted by the law enforcers however, has made it possible to deal with the increased levels of crimes.

The Anahein Police Department came up with a strategy that led to recruitment of ten community policing officers and a sergeant to the neighborhood. This led to improvement in security as the officers tried to arrest at least thirty to forty individuals each month. The arrest of the individuals was made possible through the use of conventional enforcement methods with the aid of community members. The community officers continued with the operations for a period of one year which led to a decrease in the rate of crimes. Although this was not hundred percent effective, it was seen as an initiative towards the end of criminality.

 Anahein police thus considered to reinforce their efforts by soliciting help from other city departments concerned with fight of criminality. The community was the first priority among other city departments such as community preservation and the city attorney’s office. A strategy was established and successfully led to reduction of neighborhood crime by a big percentage. The efforts to reduce crime levels were the effort of the community and other city departments (Skogan, Harnett, 1997). This was due to provision of important information that made the police arrest individuals within the organized crimes.

 The community members knew well about the hide out places for the criminals and coordinated with law enforcers to such places which led to arrests. Members of the community did away with parking areas on the streets, alleyways and roads which were considered as major areas that promoted crimes. Lighting along the streets and roads was increased doing away with all hideout places. Establishment of the Community Preservation Department led to enforcement of code violations leading to cleanups and celebrations in the neighborhood.

Peace was restored in the community making people more proud and willing to participate in improving the area for better living. The involvement of the community in solving the problem of organized gangs is one of the most effective methods. This promotes active participation of citizens with a view of influencing decisions made by community members in regard to issues that affect the entire community (Coombs, 1998). It is a way of increasing leadership capacity, aspirations, skills and confidence a virtue in community development process.


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